A Profile of The Woman Who Drinks to Excess

The typical alcoholic woman is above average in intelligence, in her forties, married, with two children. She started drinking socially in high school or college. Although frequently incapacitated, she can fabricate a story skillfully and thus conceal her true physical condition. She often attributes her alcoholism to connubial stress, boredom, or depression. A large percentage of the women give family histories of all alcoholism. Most female drinkers would demur at the the appellation of “alcoholic” – and that makes their treatment all the more difficult.

Important note: How good a detective are you? Did you spot one of the new words which had been introduced earlier? It should be part of your vocabulary now. From time to time in the lessons that follow, your alertness will be tested as a previously learned word is re-introduced.

  • incapacitated – lumpuh
  • fabricate- invent or concoct (something), typically with deceitful intent.
  • concoct – mereka-reka
  • conceal- menyembunyikan, merahasiakan
  • connubial- berhubungan dgn perkawinan
  • demur- berkeberatan
  • appellation – sebutan, panggilan




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