Jerry Hart’s Sixth Sense

An uneasy feeling had made Jerry hart miserable all day long. It was difficult to explain, but similar sensations in the past had been accurate – trouble was on the way. Just as some people can predict the onset of inclement weather because of an aching in their bones, so could Jerry detect the incipient disaster. He sat at his desk, trying to peruse a company report but his efforts were ineffectual. The gnawing at his insides, the tinge of uneasiness, the premonition of calamity which besieged him would not desist. When the phone rang, he recoil with fear – it was his wife and she was hysterical. Their son had been bitten by a mad dog.

  • Miserable – tidak senang, sedih
  • onset – serangan, permulaan
  • inclement – buruk
  • aching – sakit
  • incipient – yg baru mulai
  • peruse – membaca dng teliti
  • ineffectual – tdk berguna/memberi efek/kesan
  • gnawing – rasa perih
  • tinge – semburat, warna sedikit
  • premonition – alamat, pertanda
  • calamity – malapetaka, bencana
  • besieged – mengepung
  • desist – terhenti
  • recoil – melompat ke belakang



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