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Amateur Psychologists

The ideas of Freudian psychology have become part of our everyday life. Our language is replete with cliches that have their origin in Fred’s writings. There is a surfeit of amateur psychologists who, with celerity analyze an individual’s problems from the slightest evidence. Despite their dubious education and training in this field, they discuss symptoms and cures in a most erudite fashion. Should a person express a fear of height, this phobia is examined events from childhood are considered germane to the problem. Is it possible he or she was dropped as an infant? Perhaps something in a dream is pertinent to explain the feelings of vertigo that accompany height. For some reason, non-trained people find the Freudian approach to the workings of the human mind most conducive to their practicing as amateur psychologists.

  • replete- penuh meluap, kenyang, filled or well-supplied with something.
  • surfeit- kejenuhan, an excessive amount of something.
  • celerity- swiftness of movement.
  • dubious- diragukan, disangsikan
  • erudite- terpelajar, berpendidikan tinggi
  • germane- yg terhubung, erat, relevant to a subject under consideration.
  • pertinent – bersangkutan, relevant or applicable to a particular matter; apposite.



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