A Lady Novelist

The nineteenth century saw the woman novelist attain the same prestige as men. England was prolific in producing woman’s writer. One of the in this genre was Charlotte Bronte. In Jane Eyre she presented a portrait of a woman caught up in a clandestine affair with a married man. Miss Bronte’s reader were engrossed in this story. She took this unsavory subject and presented it in a way that did not degrade the relationship. She showed the true passion can be healthy. Miss Bronte did not disparage Jane’s feelings or besmirch her character. The author was generous in her verdict. The affair was considered merely a venial sin because Jane was never false in her feelings or her action.

  • genre – aliran, gaya, macam
  • engrossed – asyik
  • unsavory – buruk, disagreeable to taste, smell, or look at.
  • degrade – menurunkan, merendahkan, merendahkan, regard or represent as being of little worth.
  • besmirch – menodai, damage the reputation of (someone or something) in the opinion of others.
  • verdict – putusan, a decision on a disputed issue in a civil or criminal case or an inquest.
  • venial – ringan, denoting a sin that is not regarded as depriving the soul of divine grace.



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