A Perfidious Conqueror

The feuding between two rival sons reached its pinnacle in 1532; at that moment Francisco Pizarro came onto the scene. A native of Spain, he was sojourning in Panama when he heard of the riches to be found in that far off land. Overwhelmed with cupidity, but still a tyro when it came to wresting power and wealth from hapless people, he joined with an inveterate adventurer. They gathered a small band of mercenaries. The first two attempts failed, and Pizarro returned to Spain to request authority and money in order to conquer the West Coast of South America. Whether by sophistry and cajolery, he was given the requisite aid. With a force of 180 men, the dregs of society, he invaded Inca territory. He reached the city where the current ruler, Atahualpa, was holding court. The Incas welcomed Pizarro who, in a factitious display of friendship, heaped encomiums upon Atahualpa. Unknown to the Incas, Pizarro had brought guns which of his next act, ambushing the Incas and taking Atahualpa prisoner, will live in the history books which replete with tales of conquest.

  • feuding – permusuhan
  • pinnacle – puncak
  • sojourning – stay somewhere temporarily.
  • cupidity – keserakahan, ketamakan, greed for money or possessions.
  • tyro – orang baru/masih hijau, a beginner or novice.
  • hapless – apes, sial
  • inveterate – tertanam, tetap, meresap, having a particular habit, activity, or interest that is long-established and unlikely to change
  • mercenary – tentara bayaran
  • conquer – overcome and take control of (a place or people) by use of military force.
  • sophistry- cara berpikir yg sesat/tak masuk akal
  • cajolery – bujukan, tipuan
  • requisite – diperlukan, syarat
  • dregs – ampas, endapan
  • invaded – menyerang, melanggar
  • court – pengadilan
  • factitious – tiruan, buatan
  • heaped – menumpuk, menimbun
  • encomium – a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly.
  • ambushing – menyergap, menyerang dengan tiba-tiba



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