Terjemahan dari wistful
sad, miserable, sorrowful, depressed, mournful, wistful
glazed, wistful, glassy, melancholy, plaintive, sad
moody, gloomy, glum, depressed, morose, wistful
bermuram durja
Definisi wistful
having or showing a feeling of vague or regretful longing.
a wistful smile
sinonim: nostalgic, yearning, longing, plaintive, regretful, rueful, melancholy, mournful, elegiac, pensive, reflective, contemplative
  • nostalgic, yearning, longing, plaintive, regretful, rueful, melancholy, mournful, elegiac, pensive,reflective, contemplative
  • pensive
The entire point of this post wasn’t to engage in wistful remembrances.
Gregory felt a chill run up his spine at the wistful , dreamy tone of her voice.
Director Bob Baker seems to have an innate understanding of the Coward paradox, that wistful vitriol.
Tin became wistful and in a surge of nostalgia offered to show me round.
What distinguishes Harcourt from his contemporaries is the way he laces his stories with wistful charm and surreal humour.
There was a wistful , daydreaming quality to Pete’s voice that lulled me almost to sleep as we rode.
It has a wistful quality, a longing for a world gone never to return, which an author of Sampson’s vintage can and should be excused.
Christian’s eyebrows rose good-naturedly and his bow shaped mouth formed a wistful smile.
And so, against all the odds, and all the elements, Powell got to make his wistful and impassioned film.
She chuckled lightly and exhaled a sigh caught somewhere in between wistful and dreamy.
As I scraped applesauce and cream of eel from countless plates I felt wistful .
I could see him going back in time and a small, wistful smile curled up on his lips.
He held in a wistful sigh and smiled warmly when her eyes flicked up in the mirror, meeting his.
Hanging in the heart of Edinburgh, Constable’s vision of Dedham Vale is a wistful window on to the very soul of rural England.
This part of the song comes out as something of a wistful ballad, but more interesting than most.
They ran through emotions from funny, romantic and sad, to witty, wistful and thought-provoking.
All four wistful and melodic tracks document yearning and loss with an almost angelic intervention.
The look on his face is, by now, nearly wistful ; the smile almost bittersweet.
If you ask about her previous boyfriend and she gets a small, wistful smile on her face, change the subject.
Clarke has responded to his critics with a dollop of wistful regret, followed by an adamant refusal to back down.
She saw a homesickness and wistfulness , and suddenly thought of the Little Mermaid in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, before Disney left its mark on the classic.
He just stands up there, waves wistfully and commands his flock to give ten percent of their wages and go out and help the people of the world.
These days we look back wistfully towards our lost youth.
He rustles through a newspaper, muttering disapproval, shaking his head and sighing wistfully about what might have been.
She gazes wistfully over the rooftops to where her lover lives.
In contrast to the wistfulness associated with nostalgia, however, the feeling here was one of nervousness, and even desperation.
Rarely accused of being a great actor herself, she is a tremendous movie star and undercuts her stunning physical presence with a genuine vulnerability and wistfulness that might make her the most realistic character in the picture.
My flirting with him represents some wistfulness , nostalgia and regret of those years past.
A seasonal wistfulness follows as I remember the faces and places of the Christmases of the past.
No matter how wistfully we may long for the fountain of youth, the fact is that Laws of Thermodynamics are irrefutable.



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