Terjemahan dari vindicate
maintain, defend, preserve, hold, stand, vindicate
justify, confirm, condone, correct, warrant, vindicate
membersihkan nama baik
membuktikan kebenaran
document, vindicate, exculpate, bear record
Definisi vindicate
clear (someone) of blame or suspicion.
hospital staff were vindicated by the inquest verdict
sinonim: acquit, clear, absolve, exonerate, discharge, liberate, free, let off, let off the hook, exculpate
  • acquit, clear, absolve, exonerate, discharge, liberate, free, let off, let off the hook, exculpate
  • justify, warrant, substantiate, ratify, authenticate, verify, confirm, corroborate, prove, defend,support, back up, bear out, evidence, endorse
  • justify
Lebih sedikit sinonim
I really think Wanderers have done themselves proud this season and results vindicate Sam’s attitude.
Representing himself, his argument will be that he has a right to vindicate his person and what he describes as his ‘good name’.
These revelations certainly vindicate the concerns he expressed at the time.
Gidney thinks it will vindicate him, his enemies hope it will damn him.
The former trade minister says that he is happy to submit to any tests that help vindicate him.
Yet it goes to the credit of the author that she has tried to vindicate him with rare conviction and commitment.
The purpose of a libel action is to enable the Plaintiff to clear his name of the libel, to vindicate his character.
The smartest way to steal their thunder – and vindicate the event – was to highlight an alternative agenda that the protesters cared about.
But people need to remember, she’s in prison and we’re hoping to vindicate her.
The verdict of the Court of Appeal today serves to vindicate her and stands as testimony to the unstinting efforts of those supporting her.
Ms Hanley vowed to continue the fight to vindicate her late father’s name and reputation.
Inherent in Augustine’s lifelong concern to vindicate providence was his belief that no pain or loss is undeserved.
She comes out with an agenda, to vindicate Michael, but not to talk about herself, and I thought that was very telling.
He had sought vindication and revalidation from the ballot box.
It would be the ultimate vindication of their highly political marriage, a mixture of true love and a confluence of interest.
People feel that we were vindicated in opposing the war.
Most of the nicer blokes were chosen by two or three women, so this was at least a vindication of my particular views on how to treat people.
He said this, and the good performance from other products, vindicated his view that producer prices should be held.
One can assume that not everyone understood, or believed, that the more accurate lab testsvindicated him.
Civil society does not require an official statement of vindication as a decisive factor.
Mr Walton’s family hailed the ruling as a vindication of their struggle to learn the facts behind his tragic death.
Now that the Privy Council has confirmed the right of vindicatory damages, there will likely be many more.
We hope they enjoy a precious glow of vindication , after so many years being disbelieved and dismissed.
Against my own inclinations, I hope you’re vindicated , because I’m fond of the magazine.
The right to be sued only in a particular forum, as compared to the right to avoid suit altogether, although not perfectly secured by an appeal after final judgment, is sufficiently vindicable at that stage and is not essentially destroyed if vindication is postponed until trial is completed.
The victorious homecoming last week was as much a vindication of their belief in us as it was a celebration of our reclamation of the cup.
Had he been vindicated in the 1970s, he says he would have made the journey.
By no means, say I. It is perfectly vindicable orthography.
The events of yesterday vindicated those who supported the idea of a road to bypass the Bingley bottleneck.
It also vindicated her version of events on that tragic day in the Outback.



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