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guard, custody, preservation, protection, surveillance, vigil
hal berjaga-jaga
vigil, wake
Definisi vigil
a period of keeping awake during the time usually spent asleep, especially to keep watch or pray.
my birdwatching vigils lasted for hours
(in the Christian Church) the eve of a festival or holy day as an occasion of religious observance.
The Christmas pageant involving the children from Culleens and Kilglass N.S. will take place during the Gospel at the Christmas night vigil Mass in Kilglass Church.
But when I came and kept vigil in his armchair while he lay on his left ribs, his back rolled around him like an exoskeleton, all night I stared at his books neat in their shelves.
If we could take a look now at those live pictures of St. Peter’s Square, to an estimated 70,000 people have gathered to maintain a vigil and to pray for the pope.
Take her to an Easter vigil or to an Eastern Orthodox Easter midnight service: dramatic-and she gets to stay up late.
The time for the vigil mass in Kilglass Church on Saturday evenings has now been changed from 9pm to 7pm for the winter months.
Now Lauren, from Worsley, and her partner, Ashley Easdale, are keeping a bedside vigil to watch his progress.
The Senior Traditional Group will perform at the vigil Mass on the third Saturday of every month.
The vigil Mass on Christmas was 9 pm and a large congregation was present.
N.O.W. was planning to hold a candlelight vigil outside the jail where Yates is being held.
They have welcomed the family into the church where parishioners and the vicar are keeping a round-the-clock vigil over them.
Across town the 74 year old archbishop had organised a vigil in support of those arrested, which saw loads of young and old people pack into the cathedral.
We kept vigil by his bedside for hours until for me three in the morning and for my mother four in the morning.
Now parents will be able to take a break from their bedside vigil happy they can watch their child’s every movement on a TV screen in a private room downstairs.
the group held a candlelight vigil outside the jail
The vigil Mass for Christmas will take place in Rathdowney Church on Christmas Eve at 9pm.
A loyal dog kept vigil for more than a week beside a woman who died in her Bolton home.
His travels were circular, he and his companions returning each year to celebrate the Easter vigil on the back of an enormous fish, Jasconius.
For two weeks, various members of the family kept vigil by his bedside in intensive care.
Neither the Christmas vigil nor the Christmas day service provoked any great amount of tension in either party.
The vigil Mass in Kilglass Church on next Saturday evening at 9 p.m. will be a special Mass for those who are doing exams.
Parents kept vigil , wrapped in blankets before fires at the site of the catastrophe amid the silence of those buried under the mountain of masonry.
A mourner, fallen asleep in a late-night vigil , awakes the next morning to find that not only are his trousers missing, but the corpse has been stolen as well.
The Easter Offering for the support of the priests of the parish will be taken up at the Easter vigil and Easter Sunday morning.
Please bring everyone you know to the vigil this Monday evening at Aotea Square at 6pm.
She was later transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London where her parents were this morning keeping a bedside vigil .
On Holy Saturday they visit Jasconius the whale to keep the Easter vigil , and sing the first mass of Easter on his back.
Abandoned by their father, forsaken by neighbors, Bolas and the children kept vigil over their mother.
The press was informed and, as older people will remember, it seemed that the whole world gathered in a vigil around his deathbed.
On March 27, about 200 teachers and students from the Wellington and Hutt Valley regions staged a protest vigil outside parliament.
For the next three days we kept vigil at his bed in the private clinic.
While she spent her evenings preparing, he maintained an intermittent vigil at the bedroom window, offering some grudging help between observing sessions.
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