Terjemahan dari vacillate
hesitate, falter, waver, vacillate, wobble, bother
toss, rock, vacillate, oscillate
Definisi vacillate
alternate or waver between different opinions or actions; be indecisive.
I had for a time vacillated between teaching and journalism
sinonim: dither, waver, be indecisive, be undecided, be ambivalent, hesitate, be of two minds, blow hot and cold, keep changing one’s mind, be conflicted, fluctuate, oscillate, hem and haw, dilly-dally, shilly-shally
dither, waver, oscillate
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My children bring me great joy (especially as the little ones vacillate between squirming with curiosity and tittering with barely kept secrets in anticipation of Christmas).
The government should give leadership, and not procrastinate and vacillate , he said, although he recognised it could take 20 years.
My listening tastes vacillate between music and talk radio.
Ask her for an opinion, and she’ll give it to you without any hesitation or attempts to vacillate .
The first week or two I vacillated , like most people, between sadness and anger.
He vacillates between childlike bemusement and childlike trepidation.
‘The nation’s top law enforcer cannot be someone who vacillates between civil rights and Civil War fantasies,’ Jackson wrote.
Certainly, public opinion of the royals has vacillated so much over the past couple of decades that anything is possible.
I don’t know, I keep vacillating on whether I should practice so I could make a point in a very humorous way, or whether I should just stay off it.
In his later comments on the Marx Brothers, he vacillated between generosity and steely contempt.
He has vacillated between contradictory approaches to leadership: realism and idealism.
That’s partly because the party’s candidates have come across as vacillating on military issues and lenient on social concerns like crime and federal ‘giveaways’ to the poor.
They view him as a vacillator whose tactical shifts in the face of foreign pressure have been unpardonable.
But behind the scenes there has been vacillation , from politicians and civil servants alike, over costs and funding and location.
The president vacillates between the two (hard-line and moderate) camps.
It’s difficult to say, but indeed I am vacillating between the two.
Its programming vacillates between easily recognized art house fare and mainstream movies, giving the impression that it doesn’t really know what it wants to be.
Well, I usually, keep on vacillating between being a hardcore realist and a hopeless romantic.
He said the scrutiny of history was indeed a very cold, harsh and objective spotlight that in time will reveal all vacillators to be men of talk but not action.
He vacillated when he was asked the direct question at an Irish press conference about the Sunderland job and immediately established in some people’s minds the belief that he was actively looking for another job.
However, years of indecisiveness have left the company vacillating between a differentiation strategy and that of being a cost leader.
He mocked his challenger as a vacillator who could spend the whole time debating himself.
After some vacillation , sister Agatha decides to give them a place to hide.
Since the time of his death informed opinion has vacillated between near universal confidence in his guilt and passionate attempts to exonerate him.
Let’s have no more vacillation – if the Government can’t decide, the people should.
The vacillation between being firm and compassionate pulls apart every policy proposal.
Stay firm with decisions at work and don’t keep vacillating .
In a way, the organisers were pre-empting any possible vacillation in the minds of children and prevent them from becoming child workers.



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