Terjemahan dari ultimate
last, final, latter, latest, ultimate, ending
final, ultimate, last
principal, main, staple, key, central, ultimate
native, ultimate, germinal, parental
Definisi ultimate
being or happening at the end of a process; final.
their ultimate aim was to force his resignation
sinonim: eventual, final, concluding, terminal, end, resulting, ensuing, consequent, subsequent
the best achievable or imaginable of its kind.
the ultimate in decorative luxury
sinonim: utmost, optimum, last word, height, epitome, peak, pinnacle, acme, zenith, nonpareil, dernier cri, ne plus ultra, da bomb, the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas/whiskers/meow
a final or fundamental fact or principle.
He derived his propositional view of reality and his ‘pluralism without ultimates ‘ from classical sources and his own extended critical reflections on Alexander, Hegel, and Marx, particularly the latter.
  • eventual, final, concluding, terminal, end, resulting, ensuing, consequent, subsequent
  • fundamental, basic, primary, elementary, elemental, absolute, central, key, crucial, essential,pivotal
  • best, ideal, perfect, greatest, supreme, paramount, superlative, highest, utmost, optimum,quintessential
  • utmost, optimum, last word, height, epitome, peak, pinnacle, acme, zenith, nonpareil, dernier cri, ne plus ultra, da bomb, the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas/whiskers/meow
But for the ultimate in picnic destinations, we have to go off the beaten track – where there probably aren’t any ‘facilities’.
Many scholastic and Cartesian thinkers had assumed substances to be the ultimate constituents of reality, and, as such, self-dependent.
In conclusion, the ultimate aim of economic development will reflect a blended approach from several different players.
One is the ultimate fantasy, the other the ultimate in human achievement.
The combine reports are the first step in the evaluation process, not the ultimate analysis.
Mahatma Gandhi, a student of the Bhagavadgira, held that good is good, evil is evil, without making reference to the ultimate .
His justification for considering himself the ultimate team player yet eschewing the notion of collective responsibility in public forums is that he is from another era.
Unless a listener is devoted to this sort of experimentation in music this record will appear to be incomprehensible- and held as an example of ultimate pretension.
Their ultimate size depends on their chemical composition; materials that are more soluble in the atmosphere grow faster and bigger.
The ultimate end of this process is extinction, not evolutionary progress.
The final step and the ultimate convenience was the design of stereos that wouldn’t work when removed from the car.
The final and ultimate breakthrough took place, and he was able to teach and work with sentient beings without any inhibition.
Those who ask from science a final argument, an ultimate proof, an unassailable position from which the issue of God may be decided will always be disappointed.
And at the end of it all comes the final, the ultimate audit when our lives hang in the balance before we are consigned to eternal reward, or to the other place, based on the audit of how we lived our lives.
Also it can be seen that the smaller diameter raft has reached to its ultimate capacity at smaller settlement than that of the raft of larger diameter.
Social atomism sees individual people as the fundamental particles, autonomous ultimate units in full charge of their destiny, empowered to make contracts freely.
Some councillors stressed that the decision was not final and the ultimate decision would rest with tenants themselves when a ballot took place.
To use Thomas Sowell’s phrase, people are the ultimate resource.
From the outset, the development of Stansted Airport should be planned so as to be capable of providing an ultimate capacity equivalent to that which can be accommodated on the airport’s single runway.
The ultimate decision could lie with the ABA and the lottery funding and sponsorship deals they can come up with.
Those were the ultimate examples in American history of a corporate trade show and of the political parties being captives of the special interests.
Thus, passed away ten long years in his search for the ultimate .
Dusted with powdered sugar, it might well be the ultimate in comfort food, but the dark chocolate ganache lends a bit of sophistication.
Arguably the prime, indeed ultimate , determinant of land value in modern society is its permitted or permissible use.
It is on this final dive that the ultimate clue is revealed.
This final photograph shows the ultimate London address.
What are the ultimate constituents of matter the most elementary of elementary particles?
Through this process, ultimate uniformization threatens to spread everywhere.
With all that physical toiling in the fresh air one could be forgiven for imagining farming was theultimate in healthy occupations.
How this makes Social Security less workable or efficient is difficult for me to understand since Social Security is the ultimate in portability.
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