Terjemahan dari typical
typical, unique, characteristic, specific, peculiar, particular
special, specific, particular, unique, distinctive, typical
typical, exemplary, representative
typical, classical
Definisi typical
having the distinctive qualities of a particular type of person or thing.
a typical day
sinonim: representative, classic, quintessential, archetypal, model, prototypical, stereotypical, paradigmatic, common; normal, average, ordinary, standard, regular, routine, run-of-the-mill, conventional, unremarkable, unsurprising, unexceptional, common, commonplace, blah
  • representative, classic, quintessential, archetypal, model, prototypical, stereotypical,paradigmatic, common
  • normal, average, ordinary, standard, regular, routine, run-of-the-mill, conventional,unremarkable, unsurprising, unexceptional, common, commonplace, blah
  • characteristic, in keeping, usual, normal, par for the course, predictable, true to form,customary, habitual
  • distinctive
Lebih sedikit sinonim
I was, however, expecting your typical romantic chick flick with a happy ending.
Victor’s son Philip said his father showed typical modesty when accepting the award.
The typical soldier of Victorian popular fiction and poetry, Tommy Atkins, had yet to be invented by Kipling.
In typical Top Model form, the answer to this is to badger and bully the girl to toeing the line.
Her rose-colored view of the Castro regime is typical of a particular social milieu.
The typical model of the family is the nuclear family consisting of two parents and their children.
We both stood up, and in his most typical fashion, Major Lee gave me a hearty salute.
In case you are not a regular browser of the business section of your local bookstore, let me describe atypical example of the genre.
This variation in the supposed identity of principal characters is typical of mythology.
The diagnosis of MI was based on typical clinical symptoms, ECG changes and enzyme elevations.
That would be typical of the politically correct party that he represents.
Debt experts have claimed she is a typical example of people who have been caught out by the boom in easy credit.
On the floor of the wreck are the usual bits of debris, typical of the general litter found around a boiler-room.
Unfortunately, this is hardly a typical example of the quality available in pubs.
Eliecer and his family are an example of a typical Columbian coffee family.
So what we have is just a typical example of a publisher claiming credit for something he had nothing to do with.
So it is important to be attentive to typical symptoms such as sudden dizziness or headaches.
EMC may well have offered sweet deals to the few affected customers but that type of behavior istypical of a large vendor.
Our typical farmer cooperative today is built upon a model that uses debt to finance itself.
Other typical symptoms include muscle pain and aching on minimal exercise, as well as mood and sleep disturbance.
The symptoms of bird flu in people vary from typical flu symptoms to eye infections and pneumonia.
What is remarkable about those four, pretty typical examples is that they were all spoken in one day in late April.
So typical of these yokels to make such a tasteless error of judgment.
Since he did not develop the typical symptoms, he thought the test might have been a false positive.
The Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack is pretty typical comedy fare, mainly focusing on the front soundstage.
He spoke in an unfeasibly low voice, with the lyrical and laconic speech so typical of the Jamaicans.
While that sounds like typical movie fare, remember whom the actor is that plays Pete.
The Topography of Terror catalogue is typical of the well-paid neglect seen in the memorial as a whole.
This is a typical example of arthritic degeneration of the lower cervical, mid thoracic and the lumbar regions of the spine.
The situation in Hull is a typical example of why the Government announced earlier this week a major crackdown on truancy.
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