Terjemahan dari belittle
underestimate, belittle, disparage, disdain, look down, underrate
ignore, overlook, neglect, disregard, omit, belittle
menganggap kecil
minimize, reduce, lessen, narrow, dampen, belittle
humiliate, insult, despise, belittle, disparage
humiliate, insult, despise, belittle, disparage
Definisi belittle
make (someone or something) seem unimportant.
this is not to belittle his role
sinonim: disparage, denigrate, run down, deprecate, depreciate, downgrade, play down, trivialize, minimize, make light of, pooh-pooh, treat lightly, scoff at, sneer at, derogate, misprize
disparage, denigrate, diminish
18 sinonim lain
He does not dismiss or belittle the gifts and talents that his Creator endowed to him.
In ignorance, they seek to belittle it and minimise its importance to the individual.
this is not to belittle his role
If you belittle their opinions or dismiss their problems, they’ll stop talking to you.
I have learnt never to underestimate the worth of young people, nor to ridicule or belittle them.
Her voice was monotone, clearly not enjoying his belittlement .
It has been a long history of belittlement and exploitation.
His wife, Lori, belittles his obsession and ridicules his dreams.
We want to act as a helper and an empowerer, not a belittler or an enforcer
This caught me off guard as this language is usually associated with the belittlers and begrudgers who are endemic in society.
There is no point in ignoring our history or belittling our heritage.
He gets off to a bad start by belittling the category and the nominees.
I am also provoked to wonder about the moral framework of someone who belittles his friends in public.
Then, the psychological games and emotional belittlement began.
He was someone else entirely; he sneered at me, belittled me and found every excuse to tear apart anything I liked.
Her father bullies and belittles her – which may be why she takes a liking to Peter.
Without belittling the importance of media research, it’s time that the rule of the real governed policy as well.
Do you actually feel more manly or powerful after belittling a fellow human?
I think she felt it was belittling her loss so I got stuck in and several letters later we got a result.
The work was wonderful, but my boss was a bully and a belittler .
Selina was tired, she was cranky and she was becoming tired of her coach’s belittlement .
She constantly criticizes and belittles the husband in screaming tones.
My purpose here is not to qualify my message by belittling science.
I’m just not in the mood for that snide voice belittling me, yet.
Worse, mom constantly ridiculed Betty, belittling her long nose and unkempt manner of dress.
I know I make fun of it all the time but this is not to be mistaken for belittling the courage of all those who participate.
I expected something like a slap, or maybe some sort of words of belittlement .
When he spoke of a sign of personal virtue, he seemed to be belittling the importance of conservation.
How sad to hear commentators belittling the march.
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