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flirt, make court to, pay court to
flirt, play, strum
dally, flirt, play, disport, disport oneself, frolic
guess, concoct, confabulate, confab, romanticize, flirt
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Definisi flirt
a person who habitually flirts.
It wasn’t that she was a flirt , because she wasn’t one, it was just that none of them ever seemed right for her.
sinonim: tease, trifler, philanderer, coquette, heartbreaker
behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than with serious intentions.
it amused him to flirt with her
sinonim: trifle with, toy with, tease, lead on
(of a bird) wave or open and shut (its wings or tail) with a quick flicking motion.
The broad palms of his tail are flirted high in the air; then smiting the surface, the thunderous concussion resounds for miles.
  • tease, trifler, philanderer, coquette, heartbreaker
  • flirting, flirtation, toying, coquetry, dalliance
  • tease, vamper, minx, prickteaser, coquette, vamp
  • trifle with, toy with, tease, lead on
  • dabble in, toy with, trifle with, amuse oneself with, play with, tinker with, dip into, scratch the surface of
  • court, risk, not fear, invite
  • coquet, romance, dally, philander, butterfly, mash, chat up, coquette
  • play, dally, toy
Lebih sedikit sinonim
You know, you were always a flirt and a tease in high school.
She was exactly how he remembered her, how every man who grew up in the Glen remembered her: aflirt and a tease with a body to back up her confidence.
This is what separates a good flirt from a great flirt : nothing will bond you more effectively than mirroring someone’s behaviour.
Yes, I’m still a flirt and a tease, but I only have one husband.
His Franz was an incorrigible flirt , but not completely empty-headed or cold-hearted.
‘No tickling,’ he said, realizing a moment later that he was flirting with her; he hadn’t even thought he knew how to flirt .
Blackbirds flirt and do their mating flutter at the curb on Main Street.
Jim was an outrageous flirt
the need of some individuals to flirt with death
Usually when it comes to talking to boys, he is the biggest flirt .
it amused him to flirt with her
And Jacob, both the youngest and the tallest, is also the family flirt .
So what’s the harm if I flirt with someone and they don’t flirt back?
That said, the only other possibility – and this one’s a bit of a bummer – is that he’s no more than… just a flirt .
He put his arm about her waist and drew her to him, attempting to kiss her neck but, for all her ability toflirt , Theresa was rather cold and did not share her body easily.
I would be intelligent, charming, sexy, a huge flirt , with a sense of humour but a down-to-earth guy in touch with his sensitive side.
the need of some individuals to flirt with death
It wasn’t that she was a flirt , because she wasn’t one, it was just that none of them ever seemed right for her.
He tries to prove he can flirt well by flirting with the pizza girl, only to end up talking about gas and looking like an idiot because he actually doesn’t know how to flirt ?
I happen to flirt when someone is flirting with me.
Kyle had been an outrageous flirt ever since the boys had hit sixth grade.
Results of this study show that females’ greatest reported motivation for going to discos is to meet new people rather than to pursue sexual opportunities or to flirt .
You are a fun flirt and an instant sweetheart, but our guess is you’re becoming more selective about long-term love.
Leon knew firsthand what a flirt and tease Barbie was, she fooled with all the men.
Ana leaned over and whispered, ‘He’s flirting with you, he normally doesn’t flirt .’
He rolled his eyes at the female flirt and followed Michelle inside.
He’s a big flirt so I can’t tell how he feels about me.
Anonymous messaging and chat rooms let you flirt to your heart’s content without any embarrassment or getting tongue-tied.
She has always been a flirt from the first day I met her and just because she was a little older, doesn’t mean she has forgotten how much fun being a flirty tease can be.
A tense-looking Henman, perhaps still dwelling on Friday’s singles defeat, flirts with danger at 15-30 but finds his first serve at the crucial moment to escape.



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