Terjemahan dari lustful
penuh gairah
passionate, excited, lustful, mercurial, agog
penuh hawa nafsu
lustful, fleshly, fleshy, prurient
torrid, lustful, libidinous, passionate, ardent, animal
lascivious, lustful, prurient, lecherous, salacious
Definisi lustful
having or showing strong feelings of sexual desire.
lustful glances
sinonim: lecherous, lascivious, libidinous, licentious, salacious, goatish, wanton, unchaste, impure, naughty, immodest, indecent, dirty, prurient, passionate, sensual, sexy, erotic, horny, randy, raunchy, lusty, concupiscent
  • lecherous, lascivious, libidinous, licentious, salacious, goatish, wanton, unchaste, impure,naughty, immodest, indecent, dirty, prurient, passionate, sensual, sexy, erotic, horny, randy,raunchy, lusty, concupiscent
  • prurient, lubricious, salacious
  • libidinous, lewd, lascivious
  • lusty, concupiscent
Lebih sedikit sinonim
I don’t think you can go through years of being told every single day that the only reason for your incarceration was your lustful desires without being damaged.
On his whistlestop sojourn to Blackpool, there were autographs and shirts to sign, and sufficient lustfulglances from ladies to remind you that one year this fellow received 6000 Valentine cards.
And the way she kept giving her boyfriend occasional, lustful glances sent her nerves on fire, and she just wanted to hit the woman in front of her.
No longer should she mask her fears and pains with lustful desires.
Some addicts cave in to their most lustful and obsessive desires on a regular basis, while others remain impotent and untemptable no matter what is dangled in front of them.
He is aggressively omnisexual, directing his lustful intentions toward everybody except, of course, Riff-Raff and Magenta.
‘He’ still looks to Nettie often with lustful desires, despite Celie’s constant warnings.
Without love, sex becomes more of a lustful event, where one of the two people may be used, or indeed both people may be using each other.
He had never professed love, just a lustful possessive desire that fueled the cruelty in his obsession.
To Haggerty, love not only implies the emotional bond between pairs of friends, but also the lustful or erotic aspect of such friendships.
It is not enough not to commit adultery; lustful thoughts must be set aside too.
At some point my lustful desire must have conflated with the love of the letterforms laid prostrate on the Qwerty keyboard.
The sexist expects men to be ambitious, aggressive, dominant, economically self-sufficient, excited by sports and money, lustful , and emotionally strong.
People have a lustful desire for entering such enterprises.
The three demons behind Diane were giving the boys lustful hungry glances.
She then encouraged me to take her and for the last time in this house we had what could be described as a full 25 minutes of lustful intercourse leaving us both very exhausted afterwards.
Their thoughts betrayed their lustful desires.
Another showed the contemptible hypocrisy of the man, whose lustful glances at other women, as he walks with his wife, changes to anger as another man targets his wife.
His own lustful desires had trapped them both and he must remember that.
Ted cannot or will not conjure the secret images of his childhood; he does not reveal his lustful desires or disclose how he imagines his own body.
This I vow in full knowledge of my sins of pride and vanity and lustfulness , and of those sins known and unknown of my husband, and those too of my boy.
In his travel writing, and increasingly in his fiction, there’s a theme of lustfulness .
When we were in the backseat of his car, we began kissing lustfully and our hands groped one another’s bodies, in all the right places.
But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
But I find myself casting my eye around lustfully .
And why is it that the research has never been done on the effect of booze on women’s lustfulness ?
When she wasn’t lustfully nuzzling up to him, wanting to make love, she was spending her time in the Lonely Place, or at least it seemed that way at times.
At the same time, his bad temper and lustfulness make him a mirror of his master, and this makes the mistaken identities of Act Two (and Leporello’s eventual repentance) all the more realistic.
Our coats are taken and the women’s beautiful dresses are revealed, as are their eyes as they gazelustfully over Leo’s impressive figure.



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