Terjemahan dari skirmish
pertempuran kecil
fight, fighting, scuffle, melee, hassle, skirmish
hal tembak-menembak
shooting, gunplay, skirmish
bertempur kecil-kecilan
Definisi skirmish
an episode of irregular or unpremeditated fighting, especially between small or outlying parts of armies or fleets.
The key now is to tune out the ‘white noise’ and stop fighting the daily skirmishes of the last war.
sinonim: fight, battle, clash, conflict, encounter, engagement, fray, combat
engage in a skirmish.
reports of skirmishing along the border
sinonim: fight, (do) battle with, engage with, close with, combat, clash with
  • fight, battle, clash, conflict, encounter, engagement, fray, combat
  • argument, quarrel, squabble, contretemps, disagreement, difference of opinion, falling-out,dispute, blowup, clash, altercation, row, tiff, spat, shitstorm
  • encounter, clash, brush
  • fight, (do) battle with, engage with, close with, combat, clash with
When these disappeared, she fought and won a brief skirmish with her conscience.
None of them bothered to change out of their street clothes, expecting a short skirmish only.
And it’s just the latest skirmish in the war over digital music, movies, and books.
Stay tuned – literally – and we’ll see how this latest skirmish in the media wars turns out.
Once in a while, there’s a short skirmish and someone dies, but it’s all dull and uninspired.
I never got the feeling that this was an actual skirmish occurring in front of me.
When Jock discovers his daughter with the piper, a skirmish ensues and an official inquest is called.
Who would have bet on Mjallby being the one on the seat of his shorts trackside after an unlikelyskirmish between David and Goliath?
Both furs jumped to their feet, and a very short skirmish ensued.
there was a skirmish over the budget
The Constitutional Court’s decision is only a skirmish in the broader battle between the executive and the judiciary.
Yesterday there was a short skirmish in the woods outside the town of Nyda.
The Marines who let me through the skirmish line filed their reports on Booth’s death.
Now, in five years, there have been no provocations save one, a naval skirmish in 2002.
there was a skirmish over the budget
No, this won’t be a naval skirmish with some oppressive foreign dictator.
When the emperors soldiers came to reclaim the hawk, a brief skirmish ensued and the hawk was not returned.
Carey may have won the opening skirmish , but the Europeans aren’t crying uncle yet.
A skirmish broke out after troops ran across a boat belonging to the rebels.
In recent months King has been skirmishing bitterly with Catholic bishops over immigration policy.
There was now open skirmishing between the Greeks and the Latins.
After skirmishing with a civilian wagon train on O’Fallon’s Creek, they crossed the Yellowstone River two or three days before Christmas.
She leaves the frame, and one of the boys is skirmishing with a football.
The skirmishes fought by the Gäian Retributors were bloody and their terrorist actions vicious.
A little after this, they skirmished briefly with Byzantine troops.
In a few cases, their battles have been won, in others they were fighting the initial skirmishes of later battles.
Both on its advance and retreat, Jacobites fought skirmishes at Clifton, in the Eden valley.
In addition to skirmishing with German patrols, the group destroyed a bridge north of Graignes to interrupt one German route to the fighting.
He fought a war with Chad, skirmished with Egypt, and trained a commando group which attacked a city in southern Tunisia.
Armed gangs, constituents of rival warring factions, skirmished for control of the camps.



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