Terjemahan dari tacky
sticky, adhesive, tacky, clingy, gluey, gummy
sticking, tacky, limping, gluey, lame, limy
squalid, shabby, tacky, ratty
Definisi tacky
(of glue, paint, or other substances) retaining a slightly sticky feel; not fully dry.
the paint was still tacky
sinonim: sticky, wet, gluey, gummy, adhesive, viscous, viscid, treacly, gooey
showing poor taste and quality.
even in her faintly tacky costumes, she won our hearts
sinonim: tawdry, tasteless, kitsch, kitschy, vulgar, crude, garish, gaudy, showy, trashy, cheesy, cheap, common, second-rate
  • sticky, wet, gluey, gummy, adhesive, viscous, viscid, treacly, gooey
  • tawdry, tasteless, kitsch, kitschy, vulgar, crude, garish, gaudy, showy, trashy, cheesy, cheap,common, second-rate
  • flash, flashy, gaudy, meretricious, tawdry, cheap, gimcrack, loud, garish, brassy, tatty, trashy
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Vinyl is only tacky when it masquerades as leather.
This paint was tacky rather than wet, but it was clearly brand new.
The authentic beaded doll had large gold neck rings, so we added strips of silver foil paper around the top and bottom of our cups with tacky craft glue to simulate precious metal.
The manufacturers of these rubber stocks have gone to a lot of trouble to produce a product that feels slightly tacky in the hand.
He was middle-aged, with a prominent potbelly and tacky gold jewelry.
There were three beds, one window with a little houseplant perched on the windowsill, and a set of slightly tacky drapes.
If a fibre is mechanically extruded from a solution of (natural or artificial) silk protein just like pulling a thread from tacky glue, the fibre is still not as strong as real silk thread.
It looked like it could have been held together with tacky glue and scotch tape.
The salt crystals were apparently pushed (or ‘pounded’) with a paint brush into the tacky surface.
Apply tacky glue to the face and attach to the gourd.
You can use great stuff but if you put it into a tacky glass, the drink’s integrity immediately goes down.
The set is wonderful, from the cheesy 70s-inspired table lamps, to the tacky neon lights shining through the blinds.
Let the adhesive thicken and become tacky according to the manufacturer’s instruction (usually 1 hour) before laying the files.
Slowly add the water by hand, kneading in between each addition until a soft, tacky dough forms.
It seemed to me that ten ounces of plain flour with no baking powder added, mixed with a bare two ounces of lard but enough water to make the whole thing into a gooey, tacky mess was not guaranteed to result in appetizing mince pies.
One reason was that the surface states of the component materials were tacky .
They were like bad actors from a tacky soap opera, and they irritated me.
The header on these sheer curtains disguises tacky wax, which holds each plate in place.
It’s been whitewashed and dressed up and sugarcoated for so long that now it’s just a tacky piece of junk on a souvenir stand, painted in red, white, and blue.
Which makes it all the more inexcusable that so many restaurants spend a fortune on furnishings then stick tacky art on their walls.
However beautiful it was, I knew I’d never be able to wear anything like it short of a wedding dress or atacky costume for a play, and I didn’t even plan on getting married.
The bottom surface has a tacky rubber material across it, which gives the pad very effective grip on all surfaces I tried it with.
It puts out a real sticky, tacky substance and is designed to restrict the movement of somebody.
Rachel took up some newspaper and stuck it to the portions of the wallpaper that were tacky but not yet stuck to his person.
Remove each stick, add a dot of tacky glue to the hole, and replace the stick.
The tacky stuff takes some shifting and it’s not cheap to do so.
Practice sessions have seen several players complain of their feet getting stuck on a tacky surface.
And if the tacky drug metaphors sprinkled throughout this review annoyed you, avoid this record.
It adorns tacky gold cigarette lighters and sets of imitation pearl earrings found in inflight duty free catalogues.
Personally, I don’t have a particular problem with people who insist on doing up their houses in all forms of cheap nasty tacky decorations.



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