Terjemahan dari proponent
support, supporter, proponent, stalwart, endorser, party
support, advocate, proponent, supporter, backer, patron
advocate, proponent, promoter, missionary, leader
Definisi proponent
a person who advocates a theory, proposal, or project.
a collection of essays by both critics and proponents of graphology
sinonim: advocate, champion, supporter, backer, promoter, protagonist, campaigner, booster, cheerleader
  • advocate, champion, supporter, backer, promoter, protagonist, campaigner, booster,cheerleader
  • exponent, advocate, advocator
a strong proponent of the free market and liberal trade policies
As both critics and proponents of devolution have pointed out, devolution is a process not an event.
This much would be accepted by most, if not all, proponents of coherence theories.
But they were sceptical of the promises made by the proponents of the technology.
As soon as proponents demonstrate that one concern is misplaced their opponents come up with another one.
He is of course one of the chief proponents of the libertarian view.
It is the recognition of this that has further compelled the proponents of cosmopolitan democracy to set out their case.
Firstly, the foundations on which it rests are not as secure as some of its proponents would have us believe.
As long as there are strong proponents of each protocol, there is a market for both.
It is still too early to know who might join the proponents by filing a friend of the Court amicus brief.
What’s more, privatization proponents ignore the fact that bear markets can last a long time.
That is what the supporters and proponents of the bill require, and it needs to proceed.
These three lines of legal argument are generally linked by their proponents in human rights advocacy.
He took on proponents of women’s equality by arguing that woman is not man’s equal but his complement.
Its proponents believe that if you throw enough muck some of it will stick.
Of course slavery and its proponents represent utter evil in the novel.
First, proponents want us to believe that it will affect only a small number of people.
This may come as a surprise to both proponents and critics of Sweden’s high-tax society.
The most obvious lesson of course applies to proponents of biological control.
This is something that the proponents of ‘strong’ copyright would dearly love to stamp out.
Its proponents claim it’s a difficult but liberating discipline, which can take years to learn.



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