Terjemahan dari succinct
concise, brief, summary, succinct, condensed, abbreviated
brief, shorter, concise, curt, succinct, laconic
succinct, brief
Definisi succinct
(especially of something written or spoken) briefly and clearly expressed.
use short, succinct sentences
sinonim: concise, short (and sweet), brief, compact, condensed, crisp, laconic, terse, to the point, pithy, epigrammatic, synoptic, gnomic, compendious
  • concise, short (and sweet), brief, compact, condensed, crisp, laconic, terse, to the point,pithy, epigrammatic, synoptic, gnomic, compendious
  • compact, compendious, summary
Diagrams provide succinct summaries of the chapter content, and the index is easy to use.
Further, the dietetic text provided the model for the early written recipes, typically succinct and summary.
I relied on the contents of this letter as a succinct summary of the law.
It was short and succinct : good food, good value, but all the ambience of an aircraft hangar.
Her crisp and succinct discussion of dowry is sure to remain the classic analysis of this subject.
Not the most eloquent of summaries but succinct if nothing else.
Instead it is short and succinct and defiantly lays the blame squarely on everyone else.
There aren’t many movie directors prepared to offer succinct class-war summaries in an interview.
The prayer is unusually succinct : it summarizes several of the distinctive themes of the teaching of Jesus.
Stating a problem in a succinct and crisp manner tends to invite a simple elegant solution.
Each module offers a succinct summary to highlight the message given.
A senior business analyst at a multinational has the most succinct summary of possible remedies.
His campaign summaries and election analysis have been succinct and informative.
These law professors can be succinct , not to say gnomic, not to say utterly obscure.
He also squeezes in a succinct outline of the social and economic histories of both countries in the periods covered.
In a brief but succinct manner the chapter deals with the different joints separately in each disease.
It was a very, with respect, succinct and brief direction given by the trial judge on the point, but we say there was no error in it.
The content itself ranges in nature so greatly from chapter to chapter that no succinct description seems possible.
The text fields are clearly separated and succinct , and keep the reader interested.
The final, and perhaps most demanding, challenge will be to craft a clear and succinct message out of what will be a complex summit process.
It presents the theory of dimension for separable metric spaces with what seems to be an impossible mixture of depth, clarity, precision, succinctness , and comprehensiveness.
The main themes of my discussion can be summarized very succinctly .
Granting myself the luxury of succinctness , I would like to keep a simplistic dualism in the text that follows.
This is posing problems for the very existence of the cooperative weaving centres, as one worker puts it succinctly .
The image of dismemberment succinctly summarizes the history of African diaspora.
Outstanding for her succinctness and profundity, she reminded one of her editors of Beethoven in his late period: ‘Where everything is getting pared down but the content is more concentrated’.
That probably summarises very succinctly the issues we currently have with the legislation.
The movement had the succinctness of a wall revolving to reveal a hidden door.
The judge succinctly summarised the rival contentions, as presented before him.
In his collection, poetic romance and realism, luxury and succinctness , conservatism and novelty are combined in a perfect way.



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