Terjemahan dari stitch
sew, stitch, sew up, tailor, make, mend
embroider, stitch
weave, interlace, combine, join, unite, stitch
interlace, weave, combine, join, unite, stitch
stitching, stitch, suture, sewing, tailoring, back stitch
setik jahitan
needlework, stitch, procurer, pimp
jumlah sedikit
modicum, tiny bit, few, tad, pittance, stitch
Definisi stitch
a loop of thread or yarn resulting from a single pass or movement of the needle in sewing, knitting, or crocheting.
There’s the strong likelihood of my stitches sliding off my needles with every movement.
a sudden sharp pain in the side of the body, caused by strenuous exercise.
she ran with a stitch in her side
sinonim: sharp pain, stabbing pain, shooting pain, stab of pain, pang, twinge, spasm
make, mend, or join (something) with stitches.
stitch a plain seam with right sides together
sinonim: sew, baste, tack, seam, hem, darn
  • sharp pain, stabbing pain, shooting pain, stab of pain, pang, twinge, spasm
  • sew, baste, tack, seam, hem, darn
  • sew together, sew, run up
THe trippers were happily munching sandwiches when they saw two women without a stitch of clothing being photographed by an older man near Scorton.
Holding the needle thread tail, take a stitch to draw the bobbin thread to the tuck surface.
Almost out of breath and with a painful stitch in my side, I forced myself into motion once again.
She ran until she had a stitch in her side and then slowed down.
she ran with a stitch in her side
I found the making up for this pattern to be a bit odd and best countered with mattress stitch .
She remembered running, running all the way to Marcus Berenson’s house, her anger fuelling her, not even caring about the stitch in her side, or her gasping lungs.
Everyone who’s normal should flop around their homes aimlessly without a stitch of clothing on at least once a month.
Even with his promising not to remove a stitch of clothing during Sunday halftime performance, the NFL isn’t about to go for anything smaller.
However, since she was brave enough to walk into the station without a stitch of clothing, all duty officers could do was shake their heads that the woman had the audacity to commit such an act.
What in the world was she doing hanging in chains from a wall, without a stitch of clothing?
Each pile is tied off with a surgical stitch , or suture, and then the pile is cut away.
This was a friend from New York, a boy scout no less, who I never saw with a stitch of clothing on the entire time.
He painted designs for richly embroidered ecclesiastical vestments that required satin stitch and raised work in metallic and silk threads.
Quilters don’t just stitch fabric pieces together, they sew fine art.
In a circular pattern around and over and through the cross are appliqu├ęd arcs and embroidered stitchmarks that carry the eye round and round in an almost dizzying motion.
She made it to the very end of the hall, gasping for air with one hand gripping at the stitch in her side, the other clutching her forehead.
He hadn’t a stitch of sportswear to pound the streets when he took the plunge to enter the New York City Marathon.
Though her every possession down to her last stitch of clothing has been in and out of hock she remains loyal to her wise cracking beau.
I just splashed up and down, not a stitch of clothing on.
Beginning in the quilt center, machine stitch in the ditch along all vertical seamlines.
nymphs with come-hither looks and not a stitch on
Staff passing by the windows of his sealed ward would see him jumping on his bed and waving to them, without a stitch of clothing on.
I didn’t care, and felt the urge to swear again but was too out of breath to do more than wheeze and clutch at the stitch in my side.
I went to his side, breathing heavily and clutching at a stitch at my side.
But there you were without a stitch of clothing on.
As I staggered onto the airstrip, clutching the stitch in my side and breathing hard, I tried to recall where I had seen that design of red and white.
Clad almost entirely in leather of a soft natural hue, the only stitch of clothing not fashioned from tanned animal skin was the linen material draped snug across their chiseled chests.
Why, if their measure is to be taken from this lass, she hasn’t a stitch of clothing, let alone a periapt or weapon.
Shaking, he entered, disregarding the stitch in his side and the back of his sweat-soaked tunic clinging to his flesh.
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