steep, sheer, precipitous, abrupt, bluff, rapid
steep, sheer, precipitous, abrupt, high-pitched
terlalu mahal
steep, salt
terlalu tinggi
exorbitant, prohibitive, extortionate, steep, swollen, swelled
steep, upside-down, topsy-turvy
fathom, go deep into, steep
soak, saturate, steep, swamp
immerse, plunge, dunk, douse, dowse, steep
dye, dowse, douse, immerse, dunk, steep
soak, steep, sodden, cause to dissipate
merendam dlm air panas
mengasyikkan diri
hal mencelupkan
sky, heaven, clouds, firmament, canopy, steep
hal meresapkan
impregnation, steep
Definisi steep
(of a slope, flight of stairs, angle, ascent, etc.) rising or falling sharply; nearly perpendicular.
she pushed the bike up the steep hill
sinonim: precipitous, sheer, abrupt, sharp, perpendicular, vertical, bluff, vertiginous
(of a price or demand) not reasonable; excessive.
a steep membership fee
sinonim: expensive, costly, high, stiff, unreasonable, excessive, exorbitant, extortionate, outrageous, prohibitive, dear
a steep mountain slope.
hair-raising steeps
soak (food or tea) in water or other liquid so as to extract its flavor or to soften it.
the chilies are steeped in olive oil
sinonim: marinade, marinate, soak, souse, macerate, pickle
surround or fill with a quality or influence.
a city steeped in history
sinonim: imbue with, fill with, permeate with, pervade with, suffuse with, infuse with, soak in
Lebih sedikit definisi
  • precipitous, sheer, abrupt, sharp, perpendicular, vertical, bluff, vertiginous
  • sharp, sudden, precipitate, precipitous, rapid
  • expensive, costly, high, stiff, unreasonable, excessive, exorbitant, extortionate, outrageous,prohibitive, dear
  • usurious, exorbitant, outrageous, extortionate, unconscionable
  • marinade, marinate, soak, souse, macerate, pickle
  • soak, saturate, immerse, wet through, drench, ret
  • imbue with, fill with, permeate with, pervade with, suffuse with, infuse with, soak in
  • infuse
  • soak up, immerse, engulf, plunge, absorb, engross
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Merchants could pay a steep price for stiffing shoppers.
Despite steep rises in crime after the 1960s similar to Britain, countries such as America, France and Germany have all been more effective at tackling it.
Police say advanced technology in mobile phones is behind a steep rise in vehicle crime in south Manchester.
Parents are being urged to make sure their children receive their MMR vaccine after a steep rise in the number of confirmed cases of measles in parts of Essex.
There are warnings that council tax could rise or services be cut to pay for the steep rise in bills to heat and provide power to offices, schools, homes for the elderly and leisure centres.
Rear seat space limited, price is steep , if you use all the performance of the car you will drop well below 30 mpg.
You also can steep herbs in hot water for caffeine-free teas.
We pass along dark, narrow corridors and up and down innumerable flights of steep stairs.
However, thanks to its extra frills like a high-resolution screen and the camera, it retails at a steep price of $999.
Leave the path about a mile after Lone and climb steep slopes interspersed with bands of rock.
From here tackle the eroded path which climbs the steep slopes just east of Ben Vrackie’s SW crags.
These associations started in Europe and the United States some 30 years ago at a time of rapid expansion in the road traffic industry and a steep rise in road traffic injuries.
There the vast plain narrowed to just under five kilometers wide, protected on the south by the steepslope of Mount Gilboa and by the hills of Galilee on the north.
If you want the cider to also deter insects, gently steep some tomato leaves therein along with other strong aromatics like cedar.
I ordered some hot water to steep my raspberry leaf in and took out my little baggy full of the herb and set it on the table.
I was still amused by this all; I had never actually seen someone go to the trouble of coming to a café so they could get water, and steep their own tea.
Proposed changes include moving the box office, which is currently at the top of a steep flight of stairs, to the ground floor.
The whole stretch of these steep slopes were once upon a time known as the ‘ravine of the monkeys’ because only monkeys could climb these ravines with ease.
But fears were growing that many householders would face steep rises in bills as a result.
Franz could see that they were heading west, up into the steep slopes of the Continental Divide, angling towards Berthoud Pass.
Bungling bureaucrats even failed to inform people that there was a problem with the stairlift and that the only way to get to the first floor centre was up a steep flight of stairs.
They come in out of relatively deep water on to steep beaches, rather than break, surge up the beach.
However, this increase must be placed in the context of a steep rise in the cost to the Exchequer of disease eradication measures in recent years.
From her angle, it appeared to be a steep slope of some kind.
Not only is there going to be a steady and steep rise in the numbers needing long-term care, but there is a falling number of those of working age paying the tax to provide it.
the noodles should be left to steep for 3–4 minutes
The Danish Kitchen in High Ousegate has no disabled toilets at all, and the ordinary toilets are up an impossibly steep flight of stairs.
Tens of thousands of lives seem a steep price to pay to give diplomacy a chance.
Property in the popular Lake Como area usually achieves a healthy resale value but, as in all scenic parts of Italy, prices are steep .
Apart from Dravid who always puts a steep price on his wicket, the others have only confirmed that they are good wicket and good condition players



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