Terjemahan dari interminable
tak berkesudahan
yg tak berakhir
tak henti-hentinya
unceasing, ceaseless, incessant, continuous, perpetual, interminable
perpetual, chronic, continual, continued, continuing, interminable
continual, continued, continuing, eternal, constant, interminable
Definisi interminable
endless (often used hyperbolically).
we got bogged down in interminable discussions
sinonim: (seemingly) endless, never-ending, unending, nonstop, everlasting, ceaseless, unceasing, incessant, constant, continual, uninterrupted, sustained, monotonous, tedious, long-winded, overlong, rambling
  • (seemingly) endless, never-ending, unending, nonstop, everlasting, ceaseless, unceasing,incessant, constant, continual, uninterrupted, sustained, monotonous, tedious, long-winded,overlong, rambling
  • eternal, endless
It bores me to write the words, but that’s the nature of this interminable week.
Most people are likely tired of the interminable debate over outsourcing.
He avoided answering every question and produced an interminable drone to kill time and frustrate the interviewer.
This is an interminable argument that must be decided situationally.
Most people are more afraid of being caught in interminable suffering during the dying process than they are of death itself.
Later his name appears in the papers, he is forced to move house because of death threats and he can’t find work due to an interminable police inquiry.
It was the interminable non-story about some guy’s grad night woes that finally blew my patience out the back door.
Traffic is horrendous, with streets congested during seemingly interminable rush hours.
I anticipated interminable delays in taking our orders but I was wrong.
The films are slow with no tension or real intrigue to bridge the interminable passages where nothing happens.
There was the usual interminable discussion about it at half time and afterwards.
At least this would be less boring than those interminable slide shows he gave us in days gone by.
And so it continues with only the occasional hand clap to lessen the interminable uninspiring drone.
The Josef Stalin Museum itself is enormous, winding through interminable corridors over two floors.
Having navigated those hurdles we then have the interminable drive South.
At times, the delays for relatives and victims have seemed interminable .
Just how many of them have read the addled, interminable book that first described his adventures, however, is debatable.
I get more intolerant and downright bored with this interminable , stomach-churning rubbish every year.
After a while these interminable lists acquire a certain ghoulish fascination, prompting a host of other questions.
Then we waited for the interminable paperwork that accompanies getting bumped.
The movie plods on seemingly interminably , but always interestingly.
I don’t mean boring interminableness or even passive open-endedness, but a deep, intense wish not to come to an end, a wish so strong it transmits itself to us as a conviction.
By this time, I was about to have flashbacks to the interminableness of the opening ceremonies, especially when I saw the next program item was greetings from about 10 politicians.
And this silence stretches, and stretches interminably .
Every winter for the past ten years, I have written a column complaining about February – its seeminginterminableness , its soporific effects, its utter pointlessness – without making the connection between winter and mortality.
The long school holidays are about to start and the summer stretches out interminably in front of them.
Funny that we liken that sort of interminableness to fair ground rides.
The decisiveness of a battle owes in large part to the swirl conclusion of the war, not its prolongation and apparent interminability .
Even when others reassured me that the overcoming process takes time, the seeminglyinterminableness of it led me only to a sort of despair as the light at the end of the tunnel seemed impossibly distant.
And as hospitals grow technologically, this problem repeats itself interminably .



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