hypocritical, specious, prudish, goody, sanctimonious, histrionic
tampak bagus
bermuka dua
insincere, hypocritical, specious, double dealing, Jesuitic, Jesuitical
seperti benar
hypocritical, double dealing, double-faced, insincere, Jesuitic, specious

Although the argument was specious , since everyone knew the significance of the vote, he certainly had been evasive when questioned directly on the issue.
This is a specious argument that he has been making.
Many proponents of personal accounts have used specious arguments about the potential for superior rates of return.
The argument is obviously somewhat specious .
What he required of us was that we avoided specious or muddled argument.
These arguments are specious , but they are based on rosy assumptions or bad analogies.
It is a specious and cynical reference at best.
Kindly keep your preposterous, specious opinions out of conversations that don’t concern you!
The usual specious arguments we see in one country are now being regurgitated in others.
If money is abused, there’s going to be a crisis; at some point there will be a ‘run’ from specious financial claims.
Hucksters flaunted their specious cure-ails on posters, broadsides, and other printed formats.
Because the charges against the airlines were specious but successful, every pilot must worry that his good-faith effort to protect his passengers will trigger federal retaliation.
This argument was presumably specious since the integrated system has since been jettisoned in favor of subcontracting.
Criticism should be founded on a writer’s life and work, not just on previous criticism or specious theories.
Occasionally, you hear the specious argument that musicians don’t need the money they might lose to the Internet services.
We can’t rally around specious information that diminishes our ability to think critically about real and present health threats.
I’ve always found this kind of argument a little specious , since most people don’t know and could care less about when a composer wrote a work.
The court determined this argument was specious .
The case for large bonuses on top of large salaries is essentially specious , at least for anyone of my generation.
We should take care to use arguments that aren’t specious .
He offers a speciously complicated analysis.
A visit to the region reveals the speciousness of its account.
The government speciously said it withheld to protect the privacy of the advice given by the.
The novel thus exposes the speciousness of social discourses that worked to maintain the theory.
His presentation was very polished and, I would imagine, speciously appealing to many not familiar with the facts.
The speciousness of this argument is apparent.
The play speciously associates giving all with ultimate return.
The Sherpa-roadies were ecstatic and told jokes throughout the evening, while each of us nodded speciously , not really listening.



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