Terjemahan dari skipper
skipper, owner of an enterprise
skipper, captain, master, old man
leader, head, director, manager, captain, skipper
master, sir, owner, gentleman, mister, skipper
devil, demon, satan, fiend, Belial, skipper
drive, steer, navigate, pilot, fly, skipper
Definisi skipper
the captain of a ship or boat.
The skippers and ship owners may be fined £32,000 each.
a person or thing that skips.
But these aren’t any ordinary bit of rope, just as the competitors in the International Rope Skipping Championships aren’t any ordinary skippers .
a small brownish mothlike butterfly with rapid darting flight.
Swallowtails, cabbage whites, skippers , and orange sulphurs follow scent trails to the tiny patches of flowers blooming furiously in the middle of the city.
the Atlantic saury (see saury ).
act as captain of.
Simon Talbot from St Osyth was skippering a 53 ft yacht on a trip from Sweden to Cork when the accident happened.
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  • captain
  • master, captain, sea captain
Our skipper would serve as aircraft commander; he also was the air wing’s top-hook aviator.
He has worked as a dive charter skipper in Australia and knows why missing divers are so hard to spot.
If what you want from your skipper is to overhit balls and otherwise remain anonymous, then Cafu fulfilled his brief.
He should be retained skipper till the 2007 World Cup.
Take your pick from the central defensive duo of Paddy McLoughlin and stand-in skipper Ruairi Boyle.
Reds have lost their opening two Super League games but skipper Goulding believes the Reds can turn things round before long.
That means that you – the boat’s skipper – should remain on deck to act as lookout.
Once upon a time, a safety officer had a skipper who told him to do a stand-down.
They know, with the skipper in the side, they won’t be lacking guidance and a driving force.
The skipper followed me as I spiralled down as slowly as possible.
And the South Park skipper decided to hold on for the draw in the last over.
the former Derbyshire batsman has been retained as skipper
I’m delighted that mangrove skipper butterflies find them to their liking.
At the end of the game, as Hammers skipper Billy Bonds lifted the cup, Allen’s emotions got the better of him and the tears rolled down.
One universal curing practice was the use of red pepper, which was rubbed into exposed areas, to prevent contamination by skipper flies.
The starting point very much depends on where the boat skipper places the shotline.
Pool, led from the front by their new Australian skipper Simon Dart, are showing good early season form.
Does he think he was the skipper of that boat taking Martin Sheen to Colonel Kurtz?
What distinguishes a true butterfly from a skipper or a moth?
Unknown to our crew, the skipper had told the squadron our aircraft had ditched, and survivor status was unknown.
Dive charter skipper John Walker looked over the trio’s dive plan and planned his own search.
Until the foreign-based players join the squad, Zanaco midfielder Numba Mumamba remains theskipper of the side.
the course teaches even complete beginners to skipper their own yachts
The skipper of the vessel shouted an order to a crewman.
Mills was ploughing through the fleet on his 60 ft super yacht when his skipper spotted two boats flying the French tricolor.
Predator avoidance is a significant factor driving the evolutionary development of silver-spotted skippercaterpillars.
The ex-Salford skipper did not play competitive rugby for the whole of last season.
At 31-3 ahead Malton lost skipper Creber with a hamstring problem.
With little fuel left, the fishing boat’s skipper decided the only option was to try to escape overland to neutral Sweden.
Despite an extensive sea search it has so far failed to locate the body of the skipper whose name is still being withheld.
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