Terjemahan dari litigant
plaintiff, litigant, prosecutor, contestant
prosecutor, claimant, plaintiff, complainant, student, litigant
pihak yg berperkara
Definisi litigant
a person involved in a lawsuit.
So judges and magistrates are not subject to litigation from disgruntled litigants .
involved in a lawsuit.
the parties litigant
I understood him to agree that the letters of opinion provided by both litigants had afforded little assistance to the court.
They are for the external direction of litigants and litigators.
Thus, the more restrictive provisions as to solicitor litigants in person were applicable.
I understand the frustration felt by many litigants in family law proceedings.
To accede to the request of the defendants would put the access to justice by most litigants out of reach.
So judges and magistrates are not subject to litigation from disgruntled litigants .
We do not have the luxury of the system, which can provide instant access to litigants , in terms of courtrooms, judges and jury panels.
And what about personal injury litigants who are being tailed legitimately?
That would be determined, we would say, for the benefit of all litigants .
Here the objective is to facilitate access to justice for litigants who have suffered loss in large-scale international accidents.
It indemnifies successful litigants for the cost of litigation.
The Supreme Court Act 1981 provides litigants with the means to gain discovery of evidence that they need to make their claim.
Family and friends for both litigants have testified in a supportive way for each.
The courts have become increasingly aware that this is in the interests of the litigants and society as a whole, particularly in the personal injury field.
Some of those litigants have their counterparts in the profession.
A law with respect to vexatious litigants may be a law designed to promote access to the courts.
The upshot was that it was no longer to be thought of in terms of Crown immunity but whether the public interest overrode the ordinary rights of litigants .
It will merely deny access to justice to the most deserving of all litigants – the reluctant claimant.
The Judge is entitled to run the court in an efficient way for the benefit of litigants .
I was unable to obtain a lawyer in these matters because Legal Aid does not provide legal aid tolitigants who are in civil matters.



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