Terjemahan dari settlement
completion, settlement, solution, settling, accomplishment, fulfillment
payment, payout, paying, settlement, disbursement, consideration
settlement, habitation
settlement, habitation
settlement, colony, gathering place
settlement, clearance
colonization, settlement
heritage, legacy, inheritance, patrimony, bequest, settlement
marriage, wedding, mating, matrimony, union, settlement
Definisi settlement
an official agreement intended to resolve a dispute or conflict.
unions succeeded in reaching a pay settlement
sinonim: agreement, deal, arrangement, resolution, bargain, understanding, pact
a place, typically one that has hitherto been uninhabited, where people establish a community.
the little settlement of Buttermere
sinonim: community, colony, outpost, encampment, post, village, commune, ecovillage, plantation, clearing
an arrangement whereby property passes to a succession of people as dictated by the settlor.
Once the church courts had agreed that the marriage should end, only a private Act of Parliament could give effect to property settlements and issues of succession.
the action or process of settling an account.
Otherwise, they won’t make so much money out of me in spite of early settlement penalties.
sinonim: payment, discharge, liquidation, clearance
subsidence of the ground or a structure built on it.
a boundary wall, which has cracked due to settlement, is to be replaced
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  • agreement, deal, arrangement, resolution, bargain, understanding, pact
  • resolution, settling, solution, reconciliation
  • community, colony, outpost, encampment, post, village, commune, ecovillage, plantation,clearing
  • colonization, settling, populating, plantation
  • payment, discharge, liquidation, clearance
  • liquidation
  • colony
  • colonization
  • closure, resolution
  • small town, village
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Cartier’s third voyage to Canada was a failure in terms of establishing a settlement .
Fortunately, the government has put a stop to it and new loans taken out 1st June can only incur earlysettlement charges of, at most, two months interest.
The greatest myth is that right up to the start of the war they were open to a peaceful settlement .
This is an area long in history of the Maori and of early white settlement .
the settlement of immigrants in the occupied territories
She apparently went on a spending spree with her portion of the property settlement and bought $7,000 worth of furniture.
Thorny bush, swamps and even tidal waves impeded early settlement , as did the belief that evil spirits inhabited the islands.
The interbank market remained fairly liquid last week even though a total of K150 billion was traded for on the treasury bill and bond settlement market on Monday.
The 1976 Immigration Act made family reunification and refugee settlement two of Canada’s fundamental objectives.
Finally, watch out for early settlement penalties, because around seven in ten personal loans are paid off early.
Just when a peaceful settlement to the civil war appeared possible another nightmare scenario erupted.
he was involved in the sale and settlement of Crown land
The department will continuously monitor the ground settlement of all buildings in Tin Fu Court and repair damage immediately, Tam said.
Part of the settlement requires back pay to the workers.
The structures in this area all appear to be founded on bedrock and there is no evidence of subsidence or settlement .
Microsoft and Caldera announced they have reached a mutually agreeable settlement of an antitrust lawsuit filed by Caldera in July 1996.
O’Donnell cautions that particular care should be taken with certain types of tiles, such as terracotta, which can often get a hairline crack due to the settlement of the under structure.
The story of the railways of Shanghai goes back to the early days of Western settlement in the city after it was forced open by the unequal treaties imposed by the Western imperialists.
On the other hand, the losses on contracts that require settlement in cash are accounted for as a charge in the income statement.
The foundation undergoes differential settlement due to its own flexibility.
A peaceful settlement to the conflict is no longer possible.
The details of the settlement were unclear as Socialist Worker went to press.
Credit vehicles increasingly are used for a preponderance of transactions, with settlement made through book entries and expanding financial claims.
Some pharmaceutical companies give early settlement discounts and rebates
In legal terms, what John is wanting to do is to create a settlement , giving successive interests to members of his family: a life estate to his widow and a remainder in fee simple to his daughters.
In the early days of settlement in the valley there were two schools, one at the top and one near the Akaroa Road.
out-of-court settlement
It assists in the peaceful settlement of disputes.
What’s more, free life insurance is included, plus there are no other charges or early settlementpenalties.
They are the result of the settlement of the national pay dispute which opened the door to localised attacks on conditions.
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