Terjemahan dari sentient
awareness, consciousness, realization, conscious, awakening, sentient
mahluk berakal
mahluk yg dpt merasa
yg dpt merasa
sensate, sentient
yg dpt melihat
Definisi sentient
able to perceive or feel things.
she had been instructed from birth in the equality of all sentient life forms
sinonim: (capable of) feeling, living, live, conscious, aware, responsive, reactive
  • (capable of) feeling, living, live, conscious, aware, responsive, reactive
  • animate
If you have a being that is not sentient , that is not even aware, then the killing of that being is not something that is wrong in and of itself.
Its new policies start with the recognition these animals are sentient beings.
Most of us are aware that sentient life is not limited to two legs or even four.
Seems you just need to tell someone they’re in a team with the computer to have them start deferring to it, as if it was sentient .
Animals (or at least sentient animals) clearly have an interest in not being made to suffer.
It reminds me of what it’d be like if one of our probes ever landed on a planet with sentient life.
Yet that is what we, in effect, tell the millions of sentient creatures who are killed in lab experiments.
Why does an omniscient, omnipotent God allow pain and suffering to happen to sentient , living things?
No sentient beings lived on the planet, so it would not be terrible if they colonized it.
The entire series is built on speculation about alien life, sentient or otherwise.
So he journeyed from world to world and took the souls of any sentient creature he came across.
Based on Mars, The Mysterons are sentient computers constructed by an alien civilisation.
Of course unless it is alive or sentient through other means, it cannot know about anything, even itself.
A strange computer called Hal is about to become sentient and then go insane.
The Buddha taught that one should practice loving kindness to all sentient beings.
There’s even some argument that since it might be sentient , it would be unethical to destroy it.
What then do we do when the computer is as sentient as we are?
People frequently complain that their questions nowadays are answered not by sentient humans but by machines.
The subject matter of the social sciences is conscious sentient beings who act out of choice.
He shouldn’t have embarked on the expeditions for the search of sentient life forms with his team.
Other species have the same levels of cognition, sentience and ability to feel pain as small children, but because of this arbitrary line most people would eat one and not the other.
So we were talking about regular everyday stuff like quantum physics and artificial intelligence in robots, and the parameters by which we set the standards of sentience in robots.
But creatures – not just man – fight back sentiently , as well as instinctively.
But as far as gaining consciousness and sentience , it is futile.
People sentiently and sensorily apprehend culture rather than merely think it or act it.
The spider possesses a finely tuned sentience , harmonized to the vibrations of the web of its own making, the web of its own life by which it survives or starves.
But even with all of these arguments, it all comes down to one thing – at what stage the blob of cells which will become a small human being develops sentience .
In my opinion civilized debate is about being sentiently and considerately conscious in the first place.
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