In sport, a huddle is an action of a team gathering together, usually in a tight circle, to strategise, motivate or celebrate. It is a popular strategy for keeping opponents insulated from sensitive information, and acts as a form of insulation when the level of noise in the venue is such that normal on-field communication is difficult. Commonly the leader of the huddle is the team captain and it is the captain who will try to inspire his fellow team members to achieve success. Similarly after an event a huddle may take place to congratulate one another for the teams success, or to commiserate a defeat. The term “huddle” can be used as a verb as in “huddling up”.

The huddle is commonly used in American football and Canadian football to strategise before each play; the offensive team’s huddle is almost always led by the quarterback, and the defensive huddle is typically led by one of the linebackers. It is also popular in basketball,football and cricket.

The huddle became more widely used in cricket after the India national team used it to great success during the 2003 Cricket World Cup. The England team has imitated this technique with some success, notably in the 2005 Ashes series.

Terjemahan dari huddle
throng, huddle
commotion, noise, fray, tumult, clamor, huddle
bend, bow, bend over, stoop, slouch, huddle
coincide, huddle
berkumpul dgn membungkuk
berkerumun dgn membungkuk
merapatkan diri
menimbun secara porak-parik
Definisi huddle
a crowded or confused mass of people or things.
a huddle of barns and outbuildings
sinonim: crowd, cluster, bunch, knot, group, throng, flock, press, pack, collection, assemblage, gaggle
crowd together; nestle closely.
they huddled together for warmth
sinonim: crowd, cluster, gather, bunch, throng, flock, herd, collect, group, congregate, mass, press, pack, squeeze
  • crowd, cluster, bunch, knot, group, throng, flock, press, pack, collection, assemblage, gaggle
  • consultation, discussion, debate, talk, parley, meeting, conference, confab, powwow
  • powwow
  • crowd, cluster, gather, bunch, throng, flock, herd, collect, group, congregate, mass, press,pack, squeeze
  • curl up, snuggle, nestle, hunch up
  • huddle together
  • cower
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They didn’t appear to hear her, but were actually conferring in some sort of huddle , weapons and all.
A huddle of poky teashops serves the day labourers who congregate here in search of work, and travellers from the station.
Meanwhile, a huddle of hacks tried to write down his thoughts in the downpour.
The huddle of poor dwellings, too small to be named a village, clings plastered like martens’ nests against rocks, high above a green river.
A Sunday service which he had attended at the cathedral at that date had been performed ‘with more harmony and less huddle than I have known it in any church in England ’.
At one point, he even refused to join the team huddle during a timeout.
she found her boyfriend in a huddle with one of the city’s notorious gossip columnists
The harbour walk in Watchet was deserted apart from me and a huddle of damp pigeons.
Ayhia watched incredulously as the Hinsef gathered together in a huddle , apparently to discuss what to do with her, though she couldn’t hear them so she couldn’t be sure.
The groupies put their heads together in a fluffy little imitation of a pep huddle and debated on it.
He’s vocal in the huddle , telling the linemen what he wants and the receivers where they need to be.
At the end of the summer, the company’s 19 senior guides will huddle for discussion and then provide written recommendations to the owners.
So when they meet these days, they exchange a series of secret signs and code words, and then they go off into a huddle together and giggle a lot.
A number of Dwarves were gathered together in a tight huddle , whispering furiously.
After the anthem had been played, the players moved from the line to their respective half of the field and got into a brief team huddle .
That’s when a team’s quarterback calls two plays in the huddle and tells every player to ‘check with me’ before the snap to know which play to run.
With its huddle of houses around a crescent-shaped beach, Elie, in the East Neuk of Fife, has long been known as one of Scotland’s most desirable holiday addresses.
All too often we have watched as Declan Kidney brought his players together in a huddle after a heart-rending defeat.
The installation of a station stumbled over no less huddle than that of the nuclear waste rejection.
Once the anthem was finished, the players moved to their respective side of the field, gathered into a brief team huddle , and then moved into position.
He’s the best quarterback on the roster, period, because of what he brings to the huddle and the passing game.
In their huddle of 20 were Troy Evans, Jay Foreman, Dave Ragone, Wade, Kris Brown, Tony Banks and Bennie Joppru.
a huddle of barns and outbuildings
Malouma is from Mauritania on the west coast of Africa, immediately to the north of Senegal, and could rarely have encountered such an unhelpful context in which to impress the huddle of promoters and journalists.
With that, all the popular girls gathered in a huddle and started whispering together.
There is a smoking ban here now so every pub and restaurant has a little huddle of smokers outside.
In the huddle of the Old Town, space decreed that the myriad of clubs and societies met in public venues across the town.
In the middle of the boring huddle of dark blue and grey suits cutting their deals and looking round to be head-hunted, a handsome dark-haired newcomer cut an underdressed swathe.
Scouts love his size, accuracy and ability to manage the huddle and game.
After the long ferry journey, Puerto Natales appears as a cheerful huddle of brightly painted buildings clinging bravely to the shore of the Gulf of Almirante Montt.
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