Terjemahan dari scurrilous
vile, nasty, vicious, despicable, wicked, scurrilous
dirty, filthy, gross, grubby, soiled, scurrilous
rude, rough, coarse, bearish, rugged, scurrilous
bawdy, vulgar, scurrilous, ribald
tdk senonoh
dissipated, improper, spicy, indecent, outrageous, scurrilous
Definisi scurrilous
making or spreading scandalous claims about someone with the intention of damaging their reputation.
a scurrilous attack on his integrity
sinonim: defamatory, slanderous, libelous, scandalous, insulting, offensive, gross, abusive, vituperative, malicious, bitchy
  • defamatory, slanderous, libelous, scandalous, insulting, offensive, gross, abusive,vituperative, malicious, bitchy
  • abusive, opprobrious
It doesn’t matter how awful the accusation is, it doesn’t matter how scurrilous and unfounded it is.
The scurrilous claim is based on a survey that showed smoking levels were falling among teenagers.
There’s also a tendency I think to downplay, or forget, or make light of just how scurrilous and damaging a charge this was.
Those claims were both hypothetical and injudicious and could hinder police investigations when ensued by the ranting claims and scurrilous allegations by a small number of egocentric politicians.
The further matter, that of being scurrilous and spreading speculation, is a matter for voyeurs, not Ministers.
With all this scurrilous scandal that is around, it is important to get it into context.
Seems he’s learned to hold back the tears and keep a stiff upper lip when political operatives spreadscurrilous lies and outright falsehoods.
The work was widely attacked as blasphemous and scurrilous , occasionally praised as blunt and plain; its apparent flippancy was certainly intended to be provocative, and long remained so.
We still have this need to balance the rehabilitation of offenders and the damage to people byscurrilous allegations.
They have accepted hearsay, endorsed scurrilous attacks, and walked away from their responsibilities as pastoral shepherds and teachers.
Once again the press enthusiastically publicised these scurrilous claims.
It is a repetitious and tedious work, a mixture of scholarship and scurrilous invective, but Milton himself was well satisfied with it.
No insult was deemed too scurrilous to hurl at Honeyford.
This remains a balanced view which answers the many scurrilous attacks by academics and popular writers out to debunk.
These scurrilous and totally unfounded allegations will be proven false in a court room.
That’s an attitude that really resonates with the LGBT community, which has had to face downscurrilous attacks for years.
He described the article as a scurrilous attack on the personal character of a judge, which may constitute a contempt of court.
This chitchat – bitchy but accepting, faintly scurrilous but jovial – was yet another example of Hollywood wishfulness.
The scurrilous attacks on the Congress were water on a duck’s back to me.
When Irving turns to Churchill as Prime Minister in 1940 he levels his most scurrilous attacks.
But the most scurrilous attack came during the height of last summer’s gas price boom.
Well I suppose you all know what I’m assuming: that within the Liberal Party there are strategies to discredit the Greens, of which this scurrilous attack is an example.
To speak of them in those terms that he did represents a scurrilous attack on their dedication and professionalism and I condemn it utterly.
But scurrility and elitism should have has no place in these forums.
Its ethos: ‘We shall banish from our Paper, all Party and Politics, and their constant attendants, scurrility and scandal.’
But some way before halftime – though the pace and scurrility never slacken – it all starts to wear a bit thin.
He also asserts, scurrilously , that officials helped Celtic.
The host has more success with a mixture of humour and mild scurrility .
I don’t understand why the press doesn’t expose this sort of thing – as in hammer the facts of the matter and the scurrilousness of the ad itself until the entire country knows about it, and knows every detail.
Some are scurrilously unrepeatable, even virulently nasty, fit only for the twilight gossiping hours in the Ubiquitous Chip.
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