Terjemahan dari tyro
orang baru
novice, neophyte, stranger, tyro, latecomer, cub
orang yg masih hijau
tenderfoot, greenhorn, tyro, tiro, johnny-come-lately
Definisi tyro
a beginner or novice.
I would, and do, recommend this as the best book for the tyro , the student, the general reader, and even, in a revisionary context, for the expert.
sinonim: novice, beginner, learner, neophyte, newcomer, initiate, fledgling, apprentice, trainee, probationer, tenderfoot, rookie, newbie, greenhorn
  • novice, beginner, learner, neophyte, newcomer, initiate, fledgling, apprentice, trainee,probationer, tenderfoot, rookie, newbie, greenhorn
  • novice, initiate, beginner, tiro
I would, and do, recommend this as the best book for the tyro , the student, the general reader, and even, in a revisionary context, for the expert.
After months Jack was no longer a tyro , he was Tyro.
Another concern is the lack of first-team football being played by the two tyros , Darren Fletcher and James McFadden, who Scotland have been forced to place an excessive amount of faith in and pressure on in the current straitened period.
For today’s tyros , cast your eyes across the Atlantic, where Eggers, Lethem, Franzen et al emanate a buzz that is more than publishers’ wishful thinking.
If Ian McGeechan was hoping that this tour would build some genuine team spirit and confidence amongst the mixture of old lags and tyros who made up the Scotland test side yesterday, then he was sorely mistaken.
If all that Scotland’s new-economy tyros want to do is ape the customs and mores of Scotland’s bankers, actuaries, accountants and lawyers, God help us all.
While most youthful tyros either head across the Atlantic or idle uncomfortably on the benches of domestic clubs, Horne took matters into his own hands to accelerate his learning curve.
For the casual passerby that came in off the street and observed the first half of Sunday’s hurling championship final they would have been easily excused for believing the tyros in blue were defending the title.
The First Film Foundation, an organisation dedicated to helping tyros on to celluloid, has collated all the addresses and phone numbers you’re likely to need into a single volume, edited by Andrea Cornwell.
Averaging 43.58 runs per game for the county, Joyce, now 24, has benefited from emigration in a manner which has pointers for Scotland’s band of young tyros in their first campaign of regular encounters with full-time opposition.
The next generation of talented tyros at St Peter’s School were out to emulate the success of their peers when they travelled to Filey School today in the first round of the Daily Mail Schools Under-15s Cup.
The tyros in the classroom were too raw, too… American.
The 19th edition consists of seasoned campaigners – Ron Butlin, Anne MacLeod, James Robertson and Dilys Rose – and some promising tyros .
Or indeed any of the adolescent tyros who have broken through into top-flight football in recent years, only to collapse under the weight of expectation.
The Pocklington tyros which inspired the Percy Roaders to a 54-5 win over Hull Ionians Hawks last week will miss out for the club’s final Yorkshire Two clash of the season against West Leeds.
Those who caught the previous extracts, including the Dora Award-winning Confederation, will know what to expect; tyros like myself, however, are in for a huge treat.
He believes the jump from Premierleague to Premiership is a bigger one these days, though, the two diverging due to the disparity in television revenues, and suggests that Hibs’ young tyros might struggle to secure similar moves.
In this respect the Communist Party Historians Group in Britain, though its members were to be no less politically active, and produced much more innovative history, were tyros beside their French contemporaries.
The general run of London restaurants may be gastronomically indifferent, decoratively indistinguishable, staffed by sneering tyros and apprentice boors but there’s no gainsaying the energy and optimistic bounce of the PR trade.
If there’s any one, small thing, I’ve learned in trying to write a script, it’s that dialogue is the least important part of it, and tyros have a tendency to write far too much of it.



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