Terjemahan dari reticent
disinclined, shy, reticent, unwilling, loath, bashful
yg dpt menahan diri
reticent, secretive, under-the-table, stealthy, tacit, clandestine
Definisi reticent
not revealing one’s thoughts or feelings readily.
she was extremely reticent about her personal affairs
sinonim: reserved, withdrawn, introverted, inhibited, diffident, shy, uncommunicative, unforthcoming, unresponsive, tight-lipped, buttoned-up, quiet, taciturn, silent, guarded, secretive
  • reserved, withdrawn, introverted, inhibited, diffident, shy, uncommunicative, unforthcoming,unresponsive, tight-lipped, buttoned-up, quiet, taciturn, silent, guarded, secretive
  • untalkative
  • self-effacing, retiring
  • unemotional, restrained
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Contoh Reticent
Yet there was continual evidence of reticence among even supposed supporters.
The other streak that Gould does not mention in these essays is a streak of his own, though his publishers are not so reticent .
Yet, although he may seem a bit reticent , he certainly is not a recluse.
It was remarkable to see this young girl walk reticently on stage, sit at the piano and begin to play so naturally, confidently and without any interference to the musical flow.
When it comes to looking for money from the government, technology business people are no morereticent than farmers, fishermen or teachers.
Haskil plays the two concertos intimately but not reticently .
The reticence of our style, chosen, we thought, as appropriate to the forum, requires each reader to substantiate our claims on their own.
He looked at me, smiling reticently , and said, ‘I’ll pick you up at 7.’
In other respects, he is famously reticent , averse to showmanship and actually something of a camera-shy recluse.
He’s reticent on succession plans, except to say that a Japanese would increase motivation among employees.
The spendthrift ways of provincial governments have made international lending agencies reticent to loan desperately needed cash.
It’s reticent because it lacks the authority to be declarative.
Their performances are at once reticent and emotionally-charged.
Of course, if gambling in groups doesn’t appeal to your reticent nature, most of these games are also available in the single player mode.
Like others who are naturally reticent and introverted he was able, says Dimbleby, to lose himself in the disciplined freedom of performance.
He never wanted anything from life and was a quiet, reticent man not given to violence.
This is an opera that definitely sings, but perhaps too reticently for those bred on Verdi, Puccini, and Wagner.
That said, the compression and reticence of Italian high modernist poetry are still prominent stylistic features in Italian verse.
Aware of the potential for ridicule, or for having their sanity questioned, protesters are naturally reticentabout discussing these experiences.
I like his chamber works best, a genre most suited to his essentially modest and reticent artistic nature.
Ten years and a lot of reticent memories after, their winding roads are finally coming to that familiar intersection once more.
Turner was famously reticent regarding his private life.
He radiated a peculiar combination of warmth and reticence ; a combination which suggested he would remain perfectly pleasant, so long as one kept a reasonable distance.
He was unusually withdrawn and reticent during that time, until suddenly, the more public horror of world events seemed to shock him out of it.
This really very scary Japanese ghost story from director Hideo Nakata exerts a chilling grip with its icy calm and eerie reticence .
Dann wondered why Kiv was so reticent about revealing his master plan.
Intolerable Cruelty is a movie in which the brothers’ distinctive presence is quite reticent and discreet in terms of script.
Unfortunately the book is also reticent ; it is remarkable for what is not included.
The only sign of subcontinental – or, indeed, any other decoration are some reticently beaded ceiling lights.
Precisely because many Ghanaians are reticent about expressing love, a special day dedicated to love is prized.



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