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Definisi raft
a flat buoyant structure of timber or other materials fastened together, used as a boat or floating platform.
As kids, we were always on the water in canoes or rowboats or homemade rafts .
a large amount of something.
a raft of government initiatives
travel on or as if on a raft.
I have rafted along the Rio Grande
bring or fasten together (a number of boats or other objects) side by side.
You’re rafted up with other boats at your favorite swimming hole, and all of a sudden some knucklehead comes by throwing a supersized wake.
sight, hatful, great deal, tidy sum, good deal, lot, slew, flock, mess, mickle, stack, wad, pile,batch, pot, muckle, deal, plenty, heap, spate, mountain, mass, passel, peck, mint
It was in that guise that he was captured in 1943, floating down the Mekong River in a bamboo raft .
He and pilot Russell Phillips managed to survive 47 days on a rubber raft with no provisions amidst menacing swarms of sharks.
When the road was flooded it meant trying to make a raft out of anything around the house – bamboo and plastic oil cans were the materials of choice.
The Tory leader hopes to see off his critics by unveiling a raft of policies this week on pensions, health, education and policing.
But there were those who faced a more protracted end: numbed into insensibility after days of clinging to a raft or boat in the stormy north Atlantic.
Since the research began Sheffield city centre has been transformed with a raft of new clubs and shops opening.
Her index finger was slightly pointing to the raft floating in the middle of the lake.
Within minutes, they had the raft inflated and on the water.
Orr takes me on a terrifying spin in a blow-up raft down the Lagan.
Floating on the water was a large raft , made of smoothed logs, fastened together and topped with roughly hewn planks.
Beyond this load with further settlement of piled raft , the piles start carrying the load.
When the tide came in the raft floated and was then attached to a boat.
Its foundations took the form of a concrete raft , whose design had been approved by the council on the recommendation of independent consulting engineers.
The real adventures of Huck Finn took place on a raft on the Mississippi River.
Another way to explore our scenic riverbanks is to raft down the St. Lawrence.
He grabbed his own bag and the first aid kit, throwing them onto the newly inflated raft before jumping from the plane just before the door became fully immersed.
The problem has been largely overlooked by employers as they struggle to cope with the continuing raftof legislation and changes which affect them on an almost daily basis.
The captain and his crew were left drifting aimlessly on the tiny raft after their boat, the Gullborg, exploded south of Shetland almost 32 years ago.
Introduced under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 2001, the tickets cover a raft of minor public order and anti-social behaviour offences.
I befriended a couple of the kids, and together we built a raft that we would row down the Dodder as far as the great waterfall in Donnybrook.
a raft of government initiatives
As I cleared a group of weeds I removed from my robe a small raft made of tree branches and strands of fish intestines to hold it together.
Therefore, if unrestricted competition forced price to equal marginal cost in core industries, it would eventually lead to a raft of bankruptcies.
‘Adak found four crewmen from the tug in a rubber raft ,’ the captain told Navy News.
Swim, raft , or trek along the rivers, which emerge from the glacial highlands of the Andes and vary from black to white, cloudy, ruddy, or salty.
As a result, he came upon and rescued four people in an emergency raft .
A raft of specialist hardware ranging from dedicated net phones to bluetooth enabled headsets are appearing on the market.
The team has worked hard with police to secure a raft of anti-social behaviour orders in the last year.
Bilbo sneaks off to get food, as people on shore lash the barrels together into a raft .
We dropped more flares to vector the tugboat to the raft .
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