Terjemahan dari puddle
genangan air
dirt, feces, dung, shit, filth, puddle
muddy, roil, disturb, overshadow, puddle
pollute, litter, soil, mess, mar, puddle
Definisi puddle
a small pool of liquid, especially of rainwater on the ground.
splashing through deep puddles
sinonim: pool, spill, splash, plash
clay and sand mixed with water and used as a watertight covering for embankments.
Can your controller and receiver survive being dunked in a typical construction-site puddle ?
wet or cover (a surface) with water, especially rainwater.
the cobbles under our feet were wet and puddled
line (a hole) with puddle.
Brindley used an old process called puddling which lined the sides and bottom of a canal with clay mixed with water.
  • pool, spill, splash, plash
  • pool
  • muddle, addle
  • muddle
  • relieve oneself, wee-wee, take a leak, micturate, wee, make, piss, make water, spend a penny, pee-pee, pee, urinate, pass water, piddle
Lebih sedikit sinonim
We can teach them that a puddle of fresh rainwater is unpleasantly wet and cold or that playing in it can be fun.
a little puddle of light
This puddle or engineering clay is used extensively for the construction of lakes and ponds and is of excellent quality.
Suddenly, a puddle of water pooled on the snowy ground, before Haywood’s feet.
I looked down to see that I was standing in a puddle of liquid that had not been there a minute before.
A place still firmly rooted in old-time Americana, where kids puddle around in the shallows and dogs lap up fallen ice cream cones.
a little puddle of light
He was dripping water onto the ground, and there was a puddle of rain water forming around his feet.
At one point, he almost slipped in a greasy puddle of liquid.
Can your controller and receiver survive being dunked in a typical construction-site puddle ?
Lacy was left lying on the ground, in a puddle of mud, naturally.
From a deep gash in her forehead, blood trickled down the side of her face and along her neck, spilling to the ground to form a small puddle of the red liquid.
It lay in a puddle of rainwater on the asphalt ground.
The puddles on the ground were opaque and black.
In the late 18th cent. the Cranage brothers, Peter Onions, and Henry Cort applied coke to the puddlingprocess in producing bar iron.
Little children carrying large bags and lunch baskets jump the two feet to the ground from the van, in the mornings, hop over puddles of rainwater, to streak into the classrooms.
He could feel the blood puddling from the broken wound, soiling his shirt and pants.
Since the water was puddling on the floor near a wall/floor intersection, the consultant initially thought the water might have been coming from below.
If this land is agreed to be a very important site and should change into an exciting public place, contributing to the listed buildings and the vibrancy of that area, it can’t continue as an uneven,puddled car park.
Do not apply excessive amounts so that the spray puddles on the floors.
Watering from the bottom directs the water to the root zone and prevents puddling on the soil surface, which could lead to damping-off.
Each ring is saturated with different quantities of blood, some thickly puddled and others so faint that the dried liquid clings to the outer circumferences.
The blood was puddling on the floor, staining the old wooden floorboards, sinking into them permanently and painting them an eerie shade of crimson.
Some twirled around while others puddled about forcing some of the pedestrians to stop and take note of their revelry.
They were constructed with sloping sides, flat bottomed and lined with puddled clay.
Turning onto the driveway you come to a rolling stop, left with no choice but to contemplate the puddlystream that marks the crossing into this whole other world.
We splashed through little puddles and ankle deep bowls.
In the rainy months, a symphony of leaks puddled her floor, though she never cared, plashing through, with a duck’s insouciance.
Mostly because I can’t be bothered getting up at 5: 30 to exercise every morning, which is the only time when it’s cool enough for me to jog without sweat puddling in my sneakers.
Some hillsides may have been ‘surfaced’. That is, all the gold bearing gravel and dirt lifted and carried away to be puddled for its gold content.



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