Terjemahan dari prank
banter, prank, antics, pleasantry, game, sport
prank, joke
joke, jest, prank, witticism, witty remark, sally
joke, jest, prank, witticism, witty remark, sally
joking, jest, jesting, jape, pleasantry, prank
joke, banter, jest, pleasantry, prank, josh
decorate, adorn, garnish, trim, dress, prank
decorate, adorn, embellish, garnish, caparison, prank
Definisi prank
a practical joke or mischievous act.
He loved to tease, and numerous times his friends were the victims of his practical pranks .
sinonim: (practical) joke, trick, piece of mischief, escapade, stunt, caper, jape, game, hoax, antic, lark
  • (practical) joke, trick, piece of mischief, escapade, stunt, caper, jape, game, hoax, antic, lark
  • joke, caper, put-on, trick, antic
  • frivolity, harlequinade, clowning, buffoonery, japery
Lebih sedikit sinonim
It almost seemed like a joke, a harmless prank one of his friends had pulled on him.
It has been reported in certain quarters that his actions are a prank or a public-relations stunt.
The game starts out innocently, with the usual childhood pranks and mayhem.
Your sense of humor is part of your gift, whether it’s subtle wit or pie-in-the-face prankish charm.
Dad had a great sense of humor and enjoyed pranks and joking around with friends and family.
Engineers responsible for the pranks may also be facing academic discipline from the university.
His life began with no special promise – he was an eager, loyal student with a prankish nature and initially an awkward, inarticulate teacher.
As eye-catching as the on-board feats is the film’s home-movie footage showing the prankish lifestyle of surfing’s early adopters.
Buzz-words deliver their prankish handshake for only a while; eventually the gag returns with a retch and one’s left standing in a pool of poorly realized critical argot.
The local mischiefmakers played numerous pranks , leading to hilarious consequences.
After these pranks , the second volume, covering the war years and their aftermath, was rather a let-down.
It would play pranks and tricks on you over and over again until you would get annoyed and irritated.
The second element, designed to keep the crowd smiling through the serious bits, is a series of pranks.
They were childhood enemies that pulled practical pranks on each other.
Being the younger child, she had always been pampered and now was always up to some pranks and tricks.
Presumably, they will never be allowed to broadcast this as a part of their show and it raises the issue of how far you can go with pranks on celebrities.
The mysterious and loosely knit movement has since spiralled and the group has played a series of hoaxes and pranks on the Italian media.
The screenplay works up a prankish physical comedy that isn’t really in keeping with the original’s spirit.
Most of the dares consisted of kissing or stupid stunts and pranks .
Since I do not spend my time with childish pranks and games, they don’t see me as one of them.
The cowrie shells on this staff denote the blessings that he may bestow on those he favors, despite hisprankishness .
So you would think that I would have learned from being the subject of all these little pranks .
It accuses him of ‘willful prankishness ’ and concludes that his ‘wrecking ball candidacy’ is a case of ‘ego run amok.’
He loved to tease, and numerous times his friends were the victims of his practical pranks .
Whether old-fashioned pranks , such as knocking on doors and running away, are still popular, it is hard to tell.
Still these biker boys made out such things were mere pranks , a witty jape for a Sunday afternoon.
She used to make me laugh when she told me of the harmless jokes and pranks she played earlier that day.



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