Terjemahan dari pounding
knock, beat, knocking, tap, pounding, rap
pounding, stamping
knocking, knock, pounding, cluck, tattoo, rataplan
swash, pounding, splash, plump
Definisi pound
repeated and heavy striking or hitting of someone or something.
the pounding of the surf on a sandy beach
strike or hit heavily and repeatedly.
Patrick pounded the couch with his fists
sinonim: beat, strike, hit, batter, thump, pummel, punch, rain blows on, belabor, hammer, thrash, set on, tear into, bash, clobber, wallop, beat the living daylights out of, whack, thwack, lay into, pitch into, light into, whale; beat against, crash against, batter, dash against, lash, buffet; bombard, bomb, shell, fire on, cannonade
shut (an animal) in a pound.
buffeting, throb, hammering
beat, beat against, bombard, crush, walk/run heavily, throb, thump, poke, pound up, lumber, ram down, impound
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Contoh pounding
The government took a pounding on all fronts last week.
That induced some sick looks on West faces, and well might they have dreaded having to return to the frozen tundra of western Ayrshire for another pounding .
The heavy pounding of a bass guitar invaded my brain, and I realized the neighbors were still playing my music.
Big Vinny was the only guy that supported them and he took a pounding for that at school.
When the market started to weaken they really took a pounding .
all she could hear was the pounding of her heart
As the storm passed through our area, these heavy winds took a pounding on the Atlantic coast.
the victory was badly needed after a 16-7 pounding at the hands of Brooklyn
For Williams took a pounding , albeit brief, but came back to clinch the fight with some terrific work in the 12 th and final round.
True to her observation, the heavy pounding steadily got louder and louder, until it suddenly stopped.
the pounding of the surf on a sandy beach
But certainly the area south of the city today, we’re told, taking a very heavy pounding indeed.
The London market took another pounding yesterday as a huge sell-off in the US hit investor confidence in the City.
Then if the carts are built heavy, even heavier wheel brackets are needed to absorb this pounding .
The runway, made of asphalt reinforced with more asphalt, took a pounding .
Most bodybuilders would assume that this works because it gives the joints a break from heavypounding .
That’s the place where a Notre Dame football player took a pounding after being arrested.
The market took a pounding in almost all sectors, with the momentum of a month-long decline in high-tech stocks dragging the market down yet further.
Heavy pounding at my door accompanied my mother’s worried question.
all she could hear was the pounding of her heart
We are arranging so that presently this will be the other way around, but meanwhile London and our big cities have had to stand their pounding .
She remembered waking up with heavy pounding on the door.
She sat serenely in her throne, surveying her courtiers through utterly regal eyes, which hid the heavypounding of her heart.
the pounding of the surf on a sandy beach
I heard the heavy poundings of my heart in my ears; I felt the inward struggle as I gasped for breaths.
Almost as soon as she had, the door shook with heavy, rhythmic poundings .



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