Terjemahan dari potent
potent, effective, endowed with magical power
strong, robust, solid, firm, intense, potent
hard, loud, harsh, tough, strong, potent
potent, effective, efficacious, powerful, effectual, sure
yg berpengaruh
influential, dominant, potent, telling, weighty
yg meyakinkan
conclusive, convincing, persuasive, cogent, potent, positive
Definisi potent
having great power, influence, or effect.
thrones were potent symbols of authority
sinonim: powerful, strong, mighty, formidable, influential, dominant, forceful, puissant; forceful, convincing, cogent, compelling, persuasive, powerful, strong; strong, powerful, effective, efficacious
(of a male) able to achieve an erection or to reach an orgasm.
The answer lies in the widespread assumption that ‘awakening’ a young lass is the mark of a potent man.
formed of crutch-shaped pieces; (especially of a cross) having a straight bar across the end of each extremity.
a cross potent
of the fur called potent (as a tincture).
Potent gules and Or, a triskelion reversed of three armoured legs argent.
fur resembling vair, but with the alternating pieces T-shaped.
Potent is believed to have been originally derived from vair.
Lebih sedikit definisi
powerful, forceful, strong, virile, stiff
17 sinonim lain
An aura of potent sexuality seemed to radiate from him.
At the time, a new generation of drugs was raising hopes that the potent neurological side effects of older medications could be avoided.
Even a small dose of alcohol can have a potent effect on a person who is tired.
Moreover, although the unions are unhappy and still potent , their power is less than his Labour predecessors endured 20 and 30 years ago.
The Jerusalem Cross consists of a big cross potent and four smaller ones.
The fashion business has also recaptured the potent power of the cigarette as a sexual appendage.
President Theodore Roosevelt, who in a fit of pique coined the term ‘muckraking’, called him a potentinfluence for evil.
They can be easily slipped into your drink – if it is an alcoholic drink, the effect is more potent .
Up to now they had the ‘Or, four pallets Gules, on a bordure Azure crosslets potent Argent’.
The desire to do good, to champion the cause of love can become so potent a power in itself that it obliterates the ends.
These powers can be potent when applied to markets.
And Errol Flynn in some pirate movie had a very, very potent effect on my 5-year-old imagination, and later fantasy life.
Within the media, newspapers remain the most influential and potent sector, the cutting edge, which also happens to be the most accessible to the public.
In the world of shunga, the women are always wet, the men perpetually potent .
The remedy has a particularly potent curative effect on chronic bronchitis, coughs, and asthma due to excessive phlegm.
A white boy dancer must deliver an impotent, but ironic, rendering of White’s (love unlimited) orchestration of potent sexuality.
Now our newly potent man starts flaunting his favour and throws his weight around.
Instead they can have very real and potent social and political effects.
The curse remains such a potent influence on the lives of New Englanders that they will go to extraordinary lengths to try to lift it.
There is no more potent symbol of state power than the death penalty.
His rolled-up-sleeves, straight talking approach and feisty willingness to speak truth to power is a verypotent television image, if handled properly.
Recognizing that, there is certainly sympathy to be had for those who have fallen prey to the drug’spotent effects.
But outspoken patients can be a potent force, heavily influencing whether a drug or medical device stays or is pulled from the market.
That power is particularly potent when you consider that most of these unions each have well over half a million members and represent a critical segment of America’s voter base.
The answer lies in the widespread assumption that ‘awakening’ a young lass is the mark of a potentman.
Their whole story (all forty years of it) is one massive, powerful, incredibly potent message against taking drugs.
Moreover, what makes this putative power even more potent is that it is believed to be clandestine and cliquish.
The waiter pours a glass of cognac, lights it, swills the flaming liquid around the glass, then tips it out before pouring a fresh helping into the warm and potently fume-filled glass.
Those frighteningly large numbers on the left who refused to see the reality and the potence of this threat were divided from the more grounded types from both sides who could.
Effectiveness and potence are sometimes deemed to be the end product of different skills.



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