Terjemahan dari escort
bodyguard, guard, escort, guardsman, sentinel, orderly
escort, convoy
accompanist, escort, attendant, suite, follower, train
introduction, escort, agent, conveyor, starter, courier
friend, comrade, fellow, fella, companion, escort
take, usher, escort, bring, accompany, walk
accompany, escort, attend, keep company with, squire
accompany, escort, convoy
escort, conduct, convey, follow
deliver, usher, accompany, escort, squire, see off
Definisi escort
a person, vehicle, ship, or aircraft, or a group of these, accompanying another for protection, security, or as a mark of rank.
a police escort
sinonim: guard, bodyguard, protector, minder, attendant, chaperone, entourage, retinue, cortège, protection, defense, convoy
accompany (someone or something) somewhere, especially for protection or security, or as a mark of rank.
Shiona escorted Janice to the door
sinonim: conduct, accompany, guide, lead, usher, shepherd, bring, take, drive, walk
  • guard, bodyguard, protector, minder, attendant, chaperone, entourage, retinue, cortège,protection, defense, convoy
  • companion, partner, date, plus-one, attendant
  • paid companion, hostess, geisha, gigolo
  • date
  • bodyguard
  • accompaniment
  • conduct, accompany, guide, lead, usher, shepherd, bring, take, drive, walk
  • see
Lebih sedikit sinonim
With him was a girl, apparently his date, and Hayley with her own escort .
a police escort
The roads weren’t safe – every supply convoy needed an armed escort .
He was given a heavily armed police escort to the court for the second time to face a charge of making explosives with intent.
My wife and I were driven from Baghdad Airport under escort .
A student who offered herself as an escort on an Oxford-based website was taken on a date by an undercover journalist.
It was less than a half an hour later when the ambulance and an escort of two police cars took Sara and her newest daughter to the hospital.
Now she runs an escort agency bringing men and women together.
This time I was to be her date, her escort , her guest of honor.
It later emerged that she had also been working as an escort , accompanying wealthy businessmen on dinner dates.
I can’t vouch for the male escort agencies because I have never used them or visited them.
In it she plays Kat, a woman who discovers that the best man at her sister’s wedding is an old boyfriend and, rather than arrive without a man, hires a male escort to be her date.
Marcus became my escort throughout the entire event.
an escort agency
To my consternation, the Prime Minister’s police escort was clearing all vehicles off the bus route so that the PM’s entourage could speed down the middle of the road.
The trio are believed to have crossed the border into nearby Venezuela as soon as they shook off a heavy police escort that protected them on the journey from prison to the outskirts of Bogota.
A rival escort agency tries to steal the talent.
To a cheer from the crowd who had stood in the drizzle awaiting the Royals, the Queen, wearing deep purple, and Prince Philip, in morning suit, arrived with an escort of police outriders.
She has claimed in court that she was running a legitimate escort agency, and has refused to reveal the names of her celebrity clients.
Louise and her escort were given the best table
And – astonishingly – no armed escort or air protection was to be provided, the family members said.
She hires a male escort named Nick to pose as her new fiancé and she savours the moment when she can show him off to her former one.
a police escort
an escort agency
he was driven away under armed escort
So with 2 players in each car we were given an armed escort (one military police jeep at the front of the convoy and one at the back) straight to the hotel.
The three men were accompanied by a doctor and put under escort by police during the flight back to Britain, their lawyers said.
To keep the family off his back, Rahul hires an escort to pose as his new-found fiancée.
Once, at a co-worker’s wedding, he had paid handsomely for a female escort to accompany him as his date.
he was driven away under armed escort



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