acuh tak acuh
indifferent, perfunctory, nonchalant, apathetic, cold, pococurante
asal saja
tanpa perhatian khusus
cursory, perfunctory
yg tak bersungguh-sungguh
tak sungguh-sungguh
Still, if her attempts to marry wealth are perfunctory , her efforts to increase hers are disastrous.
It seems likely that this interest was never more than passive or perfunctory .
Friday’s rain-lashed practice session was no more than a few perfunctory laps to give the spectators something to watch.
A perfunctory glance at the painting without having any thought on the substance and the meaning of the work is of little use.
After the most perfunctory of prefaces, he began to speak quickly, urgently.
He asked what happened, made some perfunctory enquiries, reset the cord and carried on.
We have sat through a showcase of set speeches by shadow ministers, but only perfunctorycontributions have been allowed from the floor.
Without individualized merit pay, teacher evaluations will remain perfunctory at best.
However, this poor, perfunctory effort will do the band more harm than good.
He fails in his duty if his investigation is superficial, slipshod or perfunctory .
Anyone with even the most perfunctory interest in classical music will have their own favourite Mozart piece.
His hands are very soft but quite puffy too, and his shake is straight from the school of perfunctorypolitical politeness.
This has resulted in a perfunctory clean-up of the area and a discussion on the lack of funds available to restore the park to an acceptable standard.
They are functional but somehow perfunctory , uncompelling.
After a perfunctory search, the soldiers found nothing suspicious in his vehicle and the incident was written off as a tragic accident.
His comments on these developments were rather brief and perfunctory .
That was why the requirements for the non-enterprise websites had been superficial and perfunctory .
I performed a few perfunctory twirls and made good my escape.
Excuse us for a perfunctory midweek news roundup this week.
But its digital download efforts to date have been perfunctory and poorly promoted.
This Polish-Thai gastronomic centaur signals either overinventiveness or a commendable resistance to good cooking’s greatest foe, perfunctoriness .
What is notable about the commentary in this instance is its utter perfunctoriness .
Almost perfunctorily , the Prime Minister began yesterday’s session with a quick run-through of how asylum-seeker applications had genuinely fallen and how public services were genuinely on the mend.
Yet the plot devices are so slapdash, and key developments are tossed off so perfunctorily , that it seems the author didn’t even have the time to write us a good bad book.
And if some do, they do so perfunctorily , in a half-hearted manner.
The other leaders of the democracy movement protested at the severity of the sentence and theperfunctoriness of the trial, but few openly supported his political demands.
Senior officials will only refer to its essence in public lectures and fora perfunctorily and only in passing and concentrate more on questions of organisation.
Both were autodidacts, who went, perfunctorily , to school and college while pursuing their education by their own means and under their own instruction.



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