Terjemahan dari insinuate
infiltrate, penetrate, insinuate, thread, pass in a low posture
smuggle, duck, interlope, infiltrate, insinuate
menyindir secara tak langsung
insinuate, allude, drop a hint, hint
Definisi insinuate
suggest or hint (something bad or reprehensible) in an indirect and unpleasant way.
he was insinuating that she had slept her way to the top
sinonim: imply, suggest, hint, intimate, indicate, let it be known, give someone to understand, make out
maneuver oneself into (a position of favor or office) by subtle manipulation.
she seemed to be taking over, insinuating herself into the family
  • imply, suggest, hint, intimate, indicate, let it be known, give someone to understand, make out
  • adumbrate, intimate
I’ve had patients insinuate something like that when we have to go through a few different blood pressure medications to find the right one for them.
Some actors I work with, guys that really aren’t qualified, would tell you how to do something, or imply something, insinuate something.
He manages to insinuate his arm, first around the back of the sofa and then, gradually, around her shoulders.
the bugs insinuate themselves between one’s skin and clothes
Natalia asked angrily, turning toward him and stopping her work, her eyes burning with intensity, appalled that he would even insinuate something like that.
He was angry that Mr. Jacobs would even insinuate such a thing.
The Saturday Show BBC1, 9pm Justin Timberlake slides in to insinuate himself on his new single.
I’m not trying to insinuate anything, but you know, they are from Texas…
Musicians have the gift of melody, they can insinuate something into the culture.
But the film doesn’t make any derogatory remarks (or insinuate anything offensive) against women.
Instead it says to fairly represent all sides of a dispute by not making articles state, imply, or insinuatethat only one side is correct.
Look, not to insinuate anything, but do you realize that you’ve been talking about them the entire time?
He played them brilliantly, without insinuating a trace of sinister charm or humour.
But it appears to be afraid to tackle such issues head-on, and instead hints and insinuates at the possible problems and considerations.
More trouble comes in the form of Puja (Lucy Tulugarjuk, who now lives in Edmonton), Oki’s flirtatious and manipulative sister, who insinuates herself into Atanarjuat’s family.
‘I think I might be able to resist him now,’ she paused, an eyebrow raised insinuatingly .
‘Not many clubs allow you to bring your dogs,’ Auberon Waugh said with satisfaction as he patted a Labrador that had insinuated itself under our table.
He is nasty (and insinuatingly sympathetic), snarling with wit about disasters of transport and bodily malfunction.
I don’t like what you’re insinuating Maggie!
But evidence of how far Glesca has already insinuated itself in the English language was presented earlier this year when Home Counties girl Jade Goody made the word ‘minging’ a cult catchphrase.
Piper would never skip school, if that’s what you’re insinuating Dr. Gennaro.
Though he’s not initially invited, a wild ruffian named Kikuchiyo insinuates himself into the ranks of the warrior class.
I’m not insinuating anything, well; if I am it’s just the truth.
I insinuated the only time anybody thought the team was going to win was in her dreams.
The idea of providing black students with ‘role models’ is counterproductive because it insinuates the notion that you can be inspired only by people who look like you.
It is further insinuated by your article that our employees were ‘excavating a trench, using a backhoe.’
The road insinuates itself along the cliffs and coves leading to Anglesea where I found Victoria’s oddest golf course.
So, the degree to which outsiders can and should insinuate themselves into legally protected relationships becomes an important issue for psychiatry and other medical specialties.
It insinuates its genetic material into the cell and tricks its intricate reproductive machinery into assembling thousands of new viral particles, usually at the expense of the cell’s own survival.
That Morris’ own photography, like his writing, insinuated itself with considerable artistry into the vernacular culture he revered was a matter he preferred not to discuss.



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