Terjemahan dari muddy
muddy, sloppy, slimy, squashy, sludgy, turbid
turbid, cloudy, muddy, clouded, feculent, roily
dirty, filthy, gross, grubby, soiled, muddy
muddy, dirty
dull, faint, pallid, muddy, crepuscular, opaque
muddy, thick, troubled, turbid
muddy, dirty
glutinous, muddy
muddy, slashy, ordinary
sludgy, muddy, draggled, sloppy, sloughy, squashy
yg tdk mengkilap
tangled, crumpled, wrinkled, matted, rumpled, muddy
sloppy, muddy, sloughy, squashy
muddy, roil, disturb, overshadow, puddle
confuse, muddy, disturb, cloud
Definisi muddy
covered in or full of mud.
they changed their muddy boots
sinonim: waterlogged, boggy, marshy, swampy, squishy, mucky, slimy, spongy, wet, soft, heavy, quaggy; mud-caked, muddied, dirty, filthy, mucky, grimy, soiled, begrimed; murky, cloudy, muddied, turbid, riled
cause to become covered in or full of mud.
the linoleum floor was muddied
sinonim: make muddy, dirty, soil, spatter, bespatter, besmirch, begrime
  • waterlogged, boggy, marshy, swampy, squishy, mucky, slimy, spongy, wet, soft, heavy,quaggy
  • mud-caked, muddied, dirty, filthy, mucky, grimy, soiled, begrimed
  • murky, cloudy, muddied, turbid, riled
  • dingy, dirty, drab, dull, sludgy
  • squashy, swampy, quaggy, waterlogged, sloughy, sloppy, miry, mucky, boggy, marshy, soggy
  • dirty, dingy, muddied
  • cloudy, murky, turbid, mirky
  • mucky
  • make muddy, dirty, soil, spatter, bespatter, besmirch, begrime
  • make unclear, obscure, confuse, obfuscate, blur, cloud, befog
  • muddy up
Lebih sedikit sinonim
Both battleships had been disabled, and settled on the muddy bottom of the harbour.
The sound quality is a little muddy , but a distinct bloom appears at high volume levels.
But as the mystery of the film deepens even this vision of marital concord becomes muddy .
You can leave your muddy boots there and chuck your coat on the hook.
Tonight, even a muddy sound system and faulty backing tapes cannot detract from the brilliant pop nous beating at the band’s core.
I’ve been moderately concerned about both – but two small stories muddy up my worries a bit.
Sound quality is quite bad, with a mono track that has substantial hissing and popping, and a verymuddy sound.
The album’s mixing is muddy , with the instrumentation indistinguishably blending together.
Some people may feel it sounds a bit muddy but my ear soon adjusts to that phenomenon and it doesn’t depreciate my appreciation of this recording a whit.
The sound is stereo, and is a bit bass-heavy and muddy , but dialogue is easily heard.
And he walked off, dragging his feet in the muddy puddles of rain.
If it had a physical color, it would probably be a muddy red mixed with dark, dull browns and purple.
Hence, the nature of the audience using the Internet quickly becomes muddy .
The details are very muddy , so it’s not at all clear what’s going on here and how involved the ISP actually is.
The graphics are dull and muddy at the best of times.
To my ears, it simply sounds like grainy, muddy ambient music and experiments in granular synthesis.
She ran across the fields and down a path, which was a dark red muddy color now.
Yes, that seemed impossible for brown eyes – green can glow, blue can glow, but never dull muddybrown.
Instead of muddy red, his uniform was now dark green.
The muddy yellows and dark reds are unfortunate hallmarks of DLP projectors.
The Angel’s beautiful crimson eyes dulled into a muddy , maroon color.
Sometimes court battles muddy an issue more than clarifying it.
The floor hadn’t been cleaned in years and muddy footprints clung to the lino.
He reached and roughly grabbed the young boy’s muddy blond hair, muddy as in dark not mud, and he pulled it tightly and yanked the boy close to him.
The ground was very muddy , but eventually they planted their crops and their animals began to reproduce.
Too much Worcestershire or hot sauce will make the drink muddy and too spicy.
An athletic boy with dark hair and muddy gray eyes like fish scales stood growling at him.
In aligning ourselves with these universal laws, we can soon see how clear or muddy is our own subconscious.
It’s difficult to cut through the muddy and garbled ever-changing story to get a clear sense of what exactly is causing this discomfort.
I got all muddy and it didn’t hurt any more.



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