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The Machiavellian Pizarro held the captured Atahualpa for ransom. He was adamant about receiving a room filled with gold to the height of a man’s shoulder. This was taken as an hyperbole at first, but Pizarro knew the gullible Incas would be munificent when it came to rescuing their sacred ruler. They did not procrastinate, and frenetic collection of gold took place. Pizarro, to whom prevarication was natural in dealing with the Incas, had no qualms about executing their ruler as soon as he had the gold. The Inca Empire was moribund, but the charisma that surrounded Atahualpa was such that, after his death, the Incas fought on tenaciously in his name for several years. Eventually, superior weapons quelled all opposition. A policy of genocide was adopted by the Spanish conquerors, and almost of these proud people died in the carnage which followed. The saga of an ancient civilization thus came to end.

Fokus Vocabulary

yg tak tahu malu
barefaced, malapert, conscienceless, shameless, unabashed, Machiavellian
tdk jujur
rascally, disingenuous, lip, crook, dishonest, Machiavellian

Machiavellian and Other Bad Behavior
While inspiring an eponym may seem like a fine way to achieve linguistic immortality, it must be said that many words taken from people’s names are not terribly complimentary. Machiavellian comes from the Italian political philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527), the author of the most famous treatise on bare-knuckled politics ever published, The Prince. Other less-than-laudatory English eponyms include the verb burke, after William Burke, a 19th century Irish criminal famous for smothering people and selling their bodies to be dissected; dunce, from John Duns Scotus, whose writings were widely ridiculed in the 16th century; and boycott, from Charles C. Boycott, a land manager in 19th century Ireland who was himself boycotted for charging high rents.​

Beberapa Contoh

  • Yes, you can aspire to be as rich as Sugar but to get there you’re going to have to take a lot of flak, much of it in front of an audience of millions, while fending off the Machiavellian manoeuvres of others.
  • Here, of course, was a classic case of Machiavellian politics: the attempt to bend the will of the party to his view by fair means or foul.
  • As anybody who has read ‘The Prince’ knows, the true Machiavellian is one everybody thinks is a saint.
  • An accomplished Machiavellian , he used his ill-gotten wealth and his powers of patronage to outfox potential opponents and to keep wavering officials in line.
  • He is not a cynic or a Machiavellian in any traditionally understood sense.
  • This is not hypocrisy; merely the usual Machiavellian politics in action.
  • It is the classic of Holocaust-era anti-Semitism, portraying the Jews as a conniving, Machiavellian race, plotting how to gain power well beyond their puny numbers, through manipulation and money.
  • Reuther’s political success cannot be read solely in terms of Machiavellian politics.
  • Instead of performing as a pursed-lipped Machiavellian , she chooses to play an elegantly miffed Hedda, one who contemptuously, but resignedly surveys the people and setting of her life.
  • It must be realized, however, that the notion of Machiavellian intelligence was at that time still vague and ill-formed.
  • There are so many poignant lines about Machiavellian politics and acting that I might try out here, that remaining silent would probably be my best course.
  • The prologue to the play is spoken by ‘Machevil’, and Barabas is one of the prototypes for unscrupulous Machiavellian villains in later Elizabethan and Jacobean drama.
  • Moreover, the Machiavellian in me cannot help but wryly shake the head in perverse tribute to what the Cubic boys have pulled off.
  • But it is impossible to take the conspiracy theory seriously, if only because such Machiavellian treachery requires a degree of competence and organisation which ministers patently lack.
  • At best, bottle blondes are equated with an artifice – think Pamela Anderson, Melinda Messenger – and at worst, deceitfulness and Machiavellian scheming.
  • When we are told that the gods favour her for her ‘virtue,’ it seems that they are using that term in a Machiavellian rather than Christian sense.
  • But however astute or realist Burnham’s Machiavellian insight into power politics was, he rarely showed any capacity for canny negotiation himself.
  • Professor Burland has been working on the stabilization committee for the last ten years under all sorts of Machiavellian pressures and politics.
  • To the outsider, unfamiliar with the Machiavellian world of Olympic politics, Gadir may have seemed a surprising choice as his country’s IOC representative.
  • As political theorist Sheldon Wolin once characterized Machiavellian government, it promises the ‘economy of politics.’
  • A remarkable Machiavellian , Edmund sets out to redress that situation by turning his gullible, sensual father against his brother – with considerable, and terrible, success.
  • The Machiavellian Moment raised a thousand issues, settled two or three, and gave historians and philosophers a generation’s work.
  • ‘The council is organized purely to promote economic development and shouldn’t involve Machiavellian politics,’ KMT spokesman Wang Chih-kang said.
  • Or am I instead something more vicious – if I’m not a goober, than am I a Machiavellian , an accursed accomplice in horror, waiting to take my role as a future Heidegger?
  • Stella is in thrall, not only to her own irresistible infatuation, but also to a loveless marriage, the repressive conventions of the times and the Machiavellian politics of those around her.
  • Intimidated, insecure but alive to the bottomless depths of Machiavellian politics that holding down a senior job in RTE entailed, there were few RTE executives prepared to put their heads above the parapet.
  • In Sir Humphrey’s hands, Hacker is merely the ball in a Machiavellian game of political ping-pong.
  • Most of them, with Machiavellian cunning, were refusing to answer their telephones.
  • Nancy Reagan was reviled as a Hollywood airhead until she was reviled as a secret Machiavellian .
  • By 1971, Leider was burnt out from the intense, Machiavellian politics of the New York art world.



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