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attic, loft, garret, ceiling, floor, story
loft, rack
cage, pen, shed, stall, stalls, loft
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Definisi loft
a room or space directly under the roof of a house or other building, which may be used for accommodations or storage.
Graham spent the bulk of his day today sorting out the junk in the garage, creating a boarded storage loft in the roof space, and separating out a couple of loads of rubbish to go to the recycling centre tomorrow.
upward inclination given to the ball in a stroke.
This less-steep inside approach also adds loft at impact and improves her accuracy.
kick, hit, or throw (a ball or missile) high up.
he lofted the ball over the infield
  • pigeon loft
  • attic, garret
On old wood lanes, bowlers would have to loft the ball farther out on the lane to get the ball to delay its hook and have enough hitting power.
Graham spent the bulk of his day today sorting out the junk in the garage, creating a boarded storageloft in the roof space, and separating out a couple of loads of rubbish to go to the recycling centre tomorrow.
Use the loft of the club to get the ball up in the air.
A West Yorkshire Police spokesman confirmed officers had received a report of an arson attack on the pigeon loft .
In the first half of this church sequence, Cole is playing with his soldiers in the choir loft when Malcolm comes in.
I was thus spared from being locked in a pigeon loft with a plate of mushy peas for the rest of the night.
She raved about how she could convert the factory space into a fabulous loft for herself.
From the choir loft , we had a wonderful view as the Paschal fire spread out among the people, lighting from one candle to the next, dispersing the gloom of darkness.
In the past, many cottages consisted of only one or two rooms, plus a sleeping loft .
Good bunker play comes from good technique, not the loft of the club.
Putting the opera chorus in the choir loft was easy.
the extra loft reduces sidespin
The balcony in the sanctuary was shaped like a horseshoe and extended on both sides to the choir loftat the front.
The inside has a sleeping loft that will sleep 4-6.
The latter was the hardest, as I was very curious about the sounds that resonated from the choir loft .
The first was to loft the ball over the bar for one of the finest points he has ever scored and probably the most important.
Smith began to loft the ball to search for the pocket.
They bought the former council house and converted the loft into a bedroom for their two eldest daughters.
Some of the choir members rebelled against this, resulting in an exodus from the choir loft .
In fact, sleeping is relegated to a front room and the loft , and the bigger bunkroom space is used as an alternate living room.
The former choir loft was incorporated into the mezzanine floor plan, which resulted in a dramatic display area on the third floor.
Robert Smith made this type of shot famous when he did it on ESPN, where he was able to loft the ball more than 15 feet to get the ball back onto the lane.
I sighed and settled down in the choir loft for the next boring forty-five minutes.
They had a very large pipe organ and a central choir loft above and behind the pulpit.
For an uphill bunker shot, use less loft and make a normal swing.
a choir loft
Bending your irons stronger to reduce loft decreases the bounce angle and increases the likelihood of your club digging into the turf before impact.
Generally, each degree of loft on your wedges translates to two to four yards in carry distance.
Renovations of his SoHo loft in Manhattan were featured in a glowing article in Architectural Digest.
Since the bridge blocks much of the sunlight shining in the loft ‘s direction, Brayton had to devise ways to warm the space from the inside.
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