Terjemahan dari invade
invade, attack, rush, overrun, stampede, besiege
violate, break, infringe, transgress, contravene, invade
Definisi invade
(of an armed force or its commander) enter (a country or region) so as to subjugate or occupy it.
it was all part of a grander French plan to invade Ireland
sinonim: occupy, conquer, capture, seize, take (over), annex, win, gain, secure, march into, storm
  • occupy, conquer, capture, seize, take (over), annex, win, gain, secure, march into, storm
  • intrude on, violate, encroach on, infringe on, trespass on, obtrude on, disturb, disrupt, horn in on, muscle in on, barge in on
  • overrun, swarm, overwhelm, inundate
  • intrude on, encroach upon
  • infest, overrun
  • occupy
Lebih sedikit sinonim
The next time the mosquito feeds, the parasites invade a new victim.
it was all part of a grander French plan to invade Ireland
I refer to the hordes of people from cheap hotels, apartments and cruise ships who invade the space at Sandy Lane.
Through a series of steps called the immune response, the immune system attacks organisms and substances that invade our systems and cause disease.
William spent the winter months preparing and then, once ready, waited for the right moment to invadethe country.
Critics have charged that the program will give the defence department the power to invade personal privacy.
Fifty-one percent thought the press intruded too much on the public involved in news stories, although 40 percent thought it was justifiable to invade the privacy of politicians.
On the pretext of a threat to their security, they invade an independent country far away from home.
He was someone special enough that they could let him invade their comfortable place.
How platelets help cancer invade other tissues Category: Cancer / Oncology News
I think that the greatest revelation of the Iraq war has been that we lack the military force to invade a smallish country with terrain that provides easy surveillance and movement.
Detailed field experiments on current generation GM crops show that in a range of environments they are very unlikely to invade the countryside and become problematic plants.
The president went to war to establish the principle you cannot unilaterally invade another country.
For the patients of Oregon State Mental Hospital, the experience of having the cast and crew invadetheir world turned out to be a positive one.
sometimes the worms invade the central nervous system
Depending on the size of the bog garden and the maintenance levels, some reeds and rushes should be avoided because of the tendency to completely invade the area.
This cancer can invade nearby tissue but rarely, if ever, spreads (metastasizes).
Ramblers never wanted the right to invade the countryside, just the opportunity to appreciate it.
Plants are exposed to a great number of pathogenic microorganisms, but a relatively small proportion of them are able to invade plants and cause diseases.
Some dads invade privacy this way to ease anxieties about how fast their daughters are growing up.
The possibilities include adding extra points for financially motivated hackers, or for intruders thatinvade an individual’s privacy.
His peaceful retirement on the idyllic island of Nogova is shattered when Soviet forces invade it and he finds himself obliged to join and lead the resistance.
She couldn’t stand it, the way he continue to invade her space and kiss her in such a way that it was more of a chore than meaning.
Tiny organisms that invade the body cause infections that can make you ill.
But it was your country that wanted to invade this place.
they would invade at dawn
The inevitable anomaly exists as to how pathogens invade plants containing potentially toxic levels of constitutive antifungal compounds.
I suggest that the authorities also include the removal of massive boom boxes which invade our privacy and serenity.
Scientists do not know why some people infected with West Nile virus have no symptoms or a mild flu-like illness, while in others the virus invades the central nervous system and causes paralysis or coma.
The most common type of granulocyte, the neutrophils, move to infected parts of the body to engulf and consume invading bacteria.



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