Terjemahan dari assemble
gather, assemble, get together, come together, congregate, converge
install, set, post, insert, put on, assemble
assemble, rally, congest, forgather
assemble, accumulate, congest, concentrate, collect
mobilize, rally, throw, recruit, call up, assemble
Definisi assemble
(of people) gather together in one place for a common purpose.
a crowd had assembled outside the gates
sinonim: gather, collect, get together, congregate, convene, meet, muster, rally
fit together the separate component parts of (a machine or other object).
a factory that assembled parts for trucks
sinonim: construct, build, fabricate, manufacture, erect, set up, put together, piece together, connect, join
  • gather, collect, get together, congregate, convene, meet, muster, rally
  • bring together, call together, gather, collect, round up, marshal, muster, summon, convoke
  • construct, build, fabricate, manufacture, erect, set up, put together, piece together, connect,join
  • meet, foregather, gather, forgather
  • set up, tack, tack together, put together, piece
  • get together, gather
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Since the mid-1980s, Costa Rica has become a center for factories that assemble garments, electronic components, and other goods for export.
The young people go to the individual’s neighborhood, put up posters describing the crimes and thenassemble outside his house.
She had helped him assemble a massive machine in their underground warehouse of a lab over the past six months, and finally it was ready.
Clean the top of the sink, then, if necessary, assemble the new faucet according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
We plan to assemble a program that combines the method described here with a kinematics method to permit fulltime operation.
Another 5,000 worshippers can assemble outside the church building.
Please have the employees assemble in the area outside the building and I will explain this rare phenomenon to them.
This is taken before the rally, when the crowd is starting to assemble .
He couldn’t figure out how to assemble an engine of the magnitude he needed, so he’d have to steal a working model from the museum.
And even when they are stirred into action, it then takes a further ten minutes to assemble them all together.
Together they will painstakingly assemble the kayak, which will eventually become part of a teaching exhibit at Glenbow.
For over half a century, kits have been sold that enable military history buffs to assemble scale models of military ships, aircraft and vehicles.
It is clear from the affidavits of counsel who appeared for the appellant at his trial that considerable efforts were made to assemble expert evidence for the defence.
It would take another eight years for the FBI to assemble the evidence to accuse him as a counterspy and place him under arrest.
In fact, he jokes, if the city really wants to build a courthouse that won’t go over budget, it should let him assemble a construction crew of young offenders.
In the past, the police waited before making arrests until at or near the point of a terrorist attack, so that they could assemble enough evidence to make the case stand up in court.
‘What I have said to people is, over the coming weeks and months we will assemble this evidence and then we will give it to people,’ he told Sky News.
We pay the gardaí, not very much, to assemble evidence so that people accused of crimes might be tried in our courts.
assemble the program and produce a file suitable to input to the simulator
Instead the wearer will buy them flatpacked from a vending machine and assemble them instantly with a deft bit of folding, tucking and the odd tug on a cord.
From that it creates program code it can then assemble into executable machine code.
Their methods were, however, relatively unsophisticated: the point was to assemble a mountain of evidence that would serve as a bulwark against their enemies.
Here you’d have to assemble your own wheels from piles of valves, tyres, rims and hub caps.
We have surely assembled enough evidence about the slush pile.
The first phase of the project revolved around infrastructure and assembling the machine.
A tremendous crowd assembled outside the French Embassy shortly after the news was made known.
‘A large and growing body of evidence has been assembled effectively pointing to her innocence,’ he claimed.
As darkness fell, police scuffled with some of the several hundred demonstrators who assembledoutside the palace.
Despite seemingly convincing evidence, his expensively assembled defence team secured a not guilty verdict.
The engines are assembled and tested at upgraded facilities at NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.
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