Terjemahan dari comrade
friend, comrade, fellow, fella, companion, pal
colleague, associate, companion, mate, friend, comrade
friend, companion, mate, comrade, associate, compeer
friend, comrade
friend, pal, comrade
brother, sister, relation, sib, comrade, gentleman
brother, comrade
elder brother, comrade
Definisi comrade
a companion who shares one’s activities or is a fellow member of an organization.
The characters are old college comrades who have been there for each other through everything – or so they thought.
sinonim: companion, friend, colleague, associate, partner, coworker, workmate, pal, crony, mate, chum, buddy, dawg, peeps
  • companion, friend, colleague, associate, partner, coworker, workmate, pal, crony, mate, chum,buddy, dawg, peeps
  • companion, familiar, fellow, associate
  • brother
Lebih sedikit sinonim
If the facts don’t fit the program, comrade , then the facts must be mistaken.
That is the venue for tomorrow night’s amazing reunion, when 85-year-old Arne will see his oldcomrade and friend Arthur again for the first time in nearly six decades.
The Communist is not a comrade , neither before nor after.
An old comrade of his at that stage of his career was Anne Killoran who collected many news items for him as he cut his teeth in the paper trade.
an old college comrade
What is this cult of personality you speak of, comrade ?
She helps an old comrade of her father who runs a bare little-frequented cafeteria and at the end of the day scurries home with bread and milk.
Welcome to the industrial revolution, comrade .
Hewett turned and rushed to help his comrade
Accuracy is such a bourgeois conceit, comrade .
It gave them a sense of great pride to give something back to their comrades-in-arms .
I am always moved by our soldiers’ unanimous expressions of dedication, their commitment to service and their desire to return to their units and comrades-in-arms .
I’m often reminded by comrades that the political tasks of the moment involve much more than merely mocking, ridiculing and provoking the Stoppers and associated tendencies.
But then he was betrayed by one of his communist comrades , Stalin.
The alternative to this is not the cosy, comradely little agora of the ancient Athenians but streets filled with thousands shouting in favour of contradictory wishes and guided by neither agreed ethics nor law.
Since those heady days, the trade union has seen a sharp decline in popularity and membership as well as bitter divisions among former friends and comrades .
I’m meeting old comrades tonight, and tomorrow.
Their fellow residents’ green camouflage uniforms in the middle of the desert and heel-driving march sets them apart from their Marine comrades-in-arms .
However, friends provided warmth and comradeship , and it was these ‘friendships’ that delivered the first blow.
In doing so I’ve made some wonderful new friends, discovered new comrades and rediscovered old ones.
This one soldier’s yell to his comrades-in-arms triggered the whole army to increase their fighting vigor.
One night, as the actors were dismantling the set for this watery spectacular, sharing comradely jokes as they went, someone observed that the get-out would make a great show in itself.
It is about time my colleagues and comrades in the media caught up.
He explains how he laid low for six months after the invasion before contacting old comrades and taking up arms.
In this case, a trip to Oregon was organized for my fellow comrades and me, in order for our swift rehabilitation to commence.
Sadly, Walzer has not profited from that comradely criticism.
He then sold out his former comrades-in-arms by accusing them of war crimes as a stepping stone to office.
She decides to surrender, to give up the stage and move to California where she will toil with hercomrades on a commune in Anaheim.
But there has always been the continuous high of the friendship and comradeship shared with fellow firefighters.
Judy and Bubbles battle and evolve, through their rivalry, into a respectful and comradely self-awareness that bypasses and undercuts their earlier competition over men.



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