great, superb, terrific, fabulous, wonderful, divine

preferential, excellent, exceptional, particular, distinctive, divine

bersifat ketuhanan

beautiful, lovely, picturesque, magnificent, fine, divine

good, well, nice, kind, great, divine

predict, forecast, foresee, foretell, portend, divine

mendapat firasat

consider, watch, supervise, divine, tell the future

pastor, priest, minister, preacher, clergyman, divine

  • Yet he recognized that even negative attribution gives some understanding of the divine being.
  • I’ll have to say that beer is a bit expensive, but cocktails were divine and worth every penny.
  • A septuagenarian performed the Ganesha dance with all its divine appeal.
  • We must be given time and space away from the hordes to divine the future.
  • All persons are sacred, because they partake of the divine , as no animal does.
  • Cocktails were divine and the suggestions spot on.
  • For what I had in mind the weather was perfectly divine .
  • On the walls and ceiling, his pen and ink drawings depicted only the divine , the sacred, the holy, and the damned.
  • And I wasn’t able to divine what that magic ingredient was exactly.
  • The Cajun butter sauce on my shrimp and scallops was absolutely divine .
  • The flavour of this most wonderful of vegetables is divine , whether steamed, boiled or roasted.
  • This divine origin made fire a sacred element, and the Greeks maintained fires in front of their temples.
  • Strokes of the script gain a rhythmic and ritualistic hue as Raju creates divine and sacred forms with them.
  • When the BBC lost transmission midway through the second half, it was hard to divine whether this was a technical fault or quality control.
  • To watch him as an artist was a truly divine experience.
  • Anyway Mr. Hamilton is here and Jenny don’t you think he is simply divine ?
  • Evidently this was the limit imposed by divine providence upon that sort of folly.
  • Any authority will do, any divine mission, any sacred fatherland or revolution.
  • Thus, through a process must like Transubstantiation, it’ll become simply divine .
  • Sunlight, for instance, often stands in for divine grace or revelation.
  • Others test him by bringing in unlikely objects for him to divine at the show’s finale.
  • The salmon, served with the usual cream sauce, was described as simply divine .
  • In the wings, the divine Edwina smiled on serenely.
  • His beautiful date Eanna looked divine in a full-length, figure-hugging turquoise gown, which she bought in Monsoon.
  • I tried to divine an intention from her message.
  • The girl was sitting on a rock in the middle of a divine forest, smiling angelically.
  • York City’s push for back to back wins was unhinged by divine intervention.
  • Only Nightcrawler is utterly divine , well-tuned and perfectly turned.
  • Through these rituals they also experience their female bodies as sacred, themselves as divine .
  • I wandered about in my swimming costume for a bit hoping for divine intervention.



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