Terjemahan dari inferior
lowly, inferior, junior, second, puisne
rendah mutunya
inferior, shoddy, cheapjack, jitney, second-rate, low-grade
kurang cerdas
subordinate, underling, inferior, subaltern, liege, feudatory
Definisi inferior
lower in rank, status, or quality.
schooling in inner-city areas was inferior to that in the rest of the country
sinonim: second-class, lesser, lower in status, lower-ranking, subordinate, second-fiddle, junior, minor, subservient, lowly, humble, menial, beneath one
low or lower in position.
ulcers located in the inferior and posterior wall of the duodenum
a person lower than another in rank, status, or ability.
her social and intellectual inferiors
sinonim: subordinate, junior, underling, minion, menial, peon
an inferior letter, figure, or symbol.
This mark indicates that the letter is superior to an inferior .
  • second-class, lesser, lower in status, lower-ranking, subordinate, second-fiddle, junior, minor,subservient, lowly, humble, menial, beneath one
  • second-rate, substandard, low-quality, low-grade, downmarket, bush-league, unsatisfactory,shoddy, deficient, poor, bad, awful, dreadful, wretched, crummy, scuzzy, rotten, lousy, third-rate, tinpot, rinky-dink, low-rent
  • substandard, deficient
  • subscript
  • subordinate, junior, underling, minion, menial, peon
  • subscript
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More seriously, the lead content in the paint of some inferior toys is much higher than the national standard.
Each disc flower is surrounded by a sharp-pointed, chaffy bract and consists of a basal inferior ovary, two pappus scales, and a tubular corolla.
True inferior goods are not common, but particular goods and services may benefit from some customers who buy more as incomes fall.
Judicial review is available as a remedy for mistakes of law made by inferior courts and tribunals only.
Traditionally, the combat service support forces have occupied a status seen as somewhat inferior to those of the other two categories.
This guy was trying so hard to seem charming to what he saw as a desperate social inferior , that he didn’t even notice how stupid he sounded.
This mark indicates that the letter is superior to an inferior .
Courtney began outsourcing manufacturing to India and Pakistan, but was disappointed with theinferior quality and poor fit.
Four sepals are fused to form a long slender floral tube with an inferior ovary.
His efforts also saved countless lives by rooting out contractors using inferior materials and producing shoddy equipment.
A price fall leads to a rise in real income which could result in falling demand if the good is stronglyinferior .
Although Monaghan did not really test the home team the manager placed more focus on how his team performed and less about the inferior standard of the visitors.
Studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that the uninsured and the poor receive inferior care.
One task that it assumed became the supervisory jurisdiction of inferior courts and tribunals.
Since Eritrean society is still highly influenced by customary principles, the status of women in many communities is inferior to that of men.
Maybe New York City refrigerators are inferior to the other larger, more glamorous cooling systems elsewhere that keep milk fresher longer?
If something’s been shown to be better, do you stick with the old, inferior standard?
This meant that banks, for example, sold only their own products, even though some were inferior and offered poor value.
I came to the conclusion that all the food available in the village was of inferior quality and meant for consumption by the poor with low purchasing power.
The flowers, when looked at through a magnifier, reveal five yellowish-green petals surrounding aninferior ovary.
The most pronounced changes involve the left posterior inferior cerebellar artery.
It seems to be a given in this society that they are automatically inferior to their male counterparts, yet nearly all of the modern nations of the world have long since debunked and moved beyond that myth.
The only conclusion that I can come up with, is that the quality of the glass in these lenses is nowinferior to the glass that I have in mine.
Practitioners made it look up-to-date, however, by derisively highlighting the racism, colonialism, sexism and other failings that made past ages so inferior to their own.
Differences between the values indicated by the same inferior letter are significant at the 5% level.
Four years later, at the age of 21, she had turned her back on the company and on the music industry, claiming that she was being offered inferior material and insufficient career development.
First, because of the public good (positive externality) nature of education, society at large loses frominferior standards of education.
The members of subgen. Bomarea s.str. have an inferior ovary and a dehiscent capsule.
Buck is hinting that the 45 (short, noisy, desperate for your attention) is inferior to its sophisticated older brother, the long playing album.
For example, an entrepreneur could patent a superior standard and market it in ways that overcome the lock-in of the inferior standard.
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