Terjemahan dari incongruous
tdk sesuai
discrepant, out of tune, disharmonious, dissociable, not in agreement, incongruous
tdk cocok
unsuited, out of tune, discrepant, inharmonious, adverse, incongruous
tdk layak
inexpedient, inept, incongruous, infelicitous
tdk pantas
undue, indecorous, undignified, inappropriate, incongruous, unbecoming
Definisi incongruous
not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something.
the duffel coat looked incongruous with the black dress she wore underneath
sinonim: out of place, out of keeping, inappropriate, unsuitable, unsuited, wrong, strange, odd, curious, queer, absurd, bizarre; ill-matched, ill-assorted, mismatched, unharmonious, discordant, dissonant, conflicting, clashing, jarring, incompatible, different, dissimilar, contrasting, disparate
  • out of place, out of keeping, inappropriate, unsuitable, unsuited, wrong, strange, odd, curious,queer, absurd, bizarre
  • ill-matched, ill-assorted, mismatched, unharmonious, discordant, dissonant, conflicting,clashing, jarring, incompatible, different, dissimilar, contrasting, disparate
Critics argue the park itself is incongruous in a country where around half the population of 130m lives below the poverty line.
So we have some jangly guitar songs with a dancefloor four four beat, some incongruous soft rock and then some straightforward house.
Blackmore performs in a sartorial nightmare of clashing colours and incongruous items of clothing.
It looks surprising and incongruous and somehow very British.
In the end it was a victory for both the small punter and the world’s leading book-maker, a slightlyincongruous alliance.
Such a scenario appears incongruous , if not abhorrent, to many.
Emma’s miniskirt formed an incongruous addition to this parade of shapeless sack dresses, zip off trousers and sandals.
The kitsch-Latino soundtrack is similarly apt and incongruous all at once.
But this was all a tad incongruous in the surroundings of what looked like a converted garage.
In the dream, his waking life seemed unreal and incongruous .
And when drivers queue to allow a family of geese to amble across, it is one of those incongruousscenes which can only make you smile.
The presence of Hollywood in this remote refugee camp seems incongruous .
The spaghetti western mood was slightly dampened by an incongruous collection of artesania stalls in the square.
It was an incongruous mix: York drinkers, tourists and a movie crew, some from London and others from Los Angeles.
Having lived among it in its homeland though, US culture suddenly seems strangely incongruoushere.
The result is a place which is rather incongruous , with only a small town centre surrounded by large numbers of houses.
The single pair of golden strappy high-heels nestling amongst my numerous black shoes does not lookincongruous .
Pan-fried foie gras followed swiftly, served with roasted fresh figs and a rather incongruous glass of Sauternes.
When I read over it today it seemed utterly incongruous with my current frame of mind – a ranty tantrum almost.
The early tone of the picture is strangely incongruous with the horrifying turn of events at the end.
The sheer oddness of the way the place functioned, the incongruity between functioning and pretension.
The girls will screech when she says this, fall about laughing, because for someone so tiny and sweet, the incongruity of these words is hilarious, and she knows it.
The whole idea of a ‘soap opera’ suggests an overt incongruity between the daily mundaneness of the narrative and the lofty form it takes.
Guyana is a place of strange contrasts, unexpected juxtapositions, curious incongruities .
It was obvious that she adored her father; incongruously , perhaps, she reminded me of an eagle protecting its young.
It turned out I was wrong – it was just yet another lanky type dressed incongruously in white shirt, blazer and jeans, and sporting that trademark upper-class floppy hair.
Hotels, a golf course, casinos and even a reconstructed medieval French cloister are incongruouslyscattered on its 277 hectares.
Streets that seem like collages brought to life, full of strange incongruities that could only seem natural in the sedatory stillness of the suburb.
She looks something like a Dutch flower-piece, with bunches of roses and freesias tied with ribbons to her sheepcrook and to her straw sunhat, the pink braid around its rim looking incongruously like a halo.
This magnificent building lauded as a perfect example of Art Deco, though it strikes one asincongruously European, counter balances the architecture of the Fort.



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