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participation, inclusion, addition
income, inclusion, importation, introduction, influx, entering
Definisi inclusion
the action or state of including or of being included within a group or structure.
federal legislation now mandates the inclusion of students who are English language learners
a body or particle recognizably distinct from the substance in which it is embedded.
The composition of these minerals is known from a handful of outcrops containing inclusions of mantle material.
Local companies have been selected, where possible, for inclusion in the construction of the new building.
They call for our inclusion within the community, but baulk at us having any meaningful role within our own agencies.
It tends a little too much towards freakishness, but it’s a well-selected inclusion in this context.
Psalm 23, which opens this five-section piece, is not an unconsidered inclusion .
Each child selected for inclusion in the sample was a biological child of the primary respondent.
I spent the morning working on the new book of poems, selecting, sifting and sorting pieces forinclusion .
Happily, there was no sign of a gratuitous inclusion of whisky in any of the recipes.
A number of pieces out of the union of the resultant lists will then be selected for inclusion in the book.
The author and editors are unable to reply to contributions not selected for inclusion .
The one that increased the likelihood the most was selected for inclusion in the model.
She would be an entertaining inclusion in any reality show, even in Britain.
In Victoria, crash statistics are used to select schools for inclusion in the program.
In keeping with the theme of inclusion , every child in the school is involved.
But to foster a sense of community and inclusion , they decided to attach it to the existing building.
This year, the venue has changed, and there are new people selecting the works for inclusion .
Movements have achieved change by fighting for inclusion within this system.
That this is a party which wishes to base itself upon compassion and inclusion is beyond doubt.
federal legislation now mandates the inclusion of students who are English language learners
By defining itself so securely on its own terms, it excluded the rest of the British Isles from inclusionwithin it.
This is not so much an offer of inclusion as an insistence upon it.
The programme supports measures focused on social inclusion and equal opportunities.
Pupils regularly have their poems chosen for inclusion in the Poetry Now competition, which publishes books annually.
We each independently selected trials for inclusion in the review.
they have been selected for inclusion in the scheme
They embrace and build upon the critical importance of diversity and inclusion .
Two reviewers independently selected trials for inclusion and exclusion.
We took four new inclusions and three older words from the Oxford Dictionary, and asked people in Bolton town centre what they meant.
Any suggestions for inclusions gratefully received.
More to the point were the inclusions that didn’t seem to fit with these carefully defined parameters.
We share the same values, but their practice of politics is exclusionary and not inclusionary .
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