Terjemahan dari gesture
attitude, gesture, manner, demeanor, posture, pose
step, move, pace, action, measure, gesture
memberi gerak-isyarat
membuat gerak-isyarat
Definisi gesture
a movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning.
Alex made a gesture of apology
sinonim: signal, sign, motion, indication, gesticulation, show
make a gesture.
she gestured meaningfully with the pistol
  • signal, sign, motion, indication, gesticulation, show
  • action, act, deed, move
  • motion
  • signal, motion, gesticulate, wave, indicate, give a sign
  • gesticulate, motion
Most of the time, it will merely be a gesture of principle, with no practical effect.
Moreover, we appreciate the magnanimous gesture of the Minister of Sports for apologising in the larger interest of cricket.
Unfortunately, their neighbor didn’t appreciate the kind gesture … and she sued.
I hope the amendment will not be just a gesture
Marcus reciprocated the farewell gesture by slightly nodding his head and slowly blinking his large, intelligent eyes.
Alex made a gesture of apology
I must admit that I agonised a bit about this because I felt it was a small gesture that would have little effect and give more pleasure to the person sending the card than the recipient.
She took it out and pointed it at him and curled it to gesture him to come towards her.
Theirs is a harmless daydream, an ultimately mild gesture of defiance against conformity.
I just received the October issue and appreciate your kind gesture in sending us extra copies.
Given her special circumstances, it says, it is prepared as a gesture of goodwill to fund the costs of the operation, which are about £10,000.
He closed his blue eyes and spread his hands out in a gesture of surrender.
It is refunding you the £34.31, and adding £100 as a gesture of goodwill.
He accepted the book and kissed it, using an Eastern gesture of respect toward the givers.
As a goodwill gesture , I took several sports writers out for a meal Thursday.
I broke away from Andrew suddenly, in a liberating gesture of defiance.
Above all a political gesture and propaganda exercise, the charter had less effect on American isolationists than hoped.
Will sighed and turned around slowly, holding his hands up in a gesture of surrender.
He said local roads in the area would have to be improved and upgraded as a gesture to the people who would be effected.
To be frank, this was the most heartening gesture of solidarity I heard.
I said this, even using my hands to gesture my sincerity.
so much is conveyed by gesture
A Department of Justice spokesperson rejected suggestions the move was a political gesture which would prove unrealistic when challenged.
He denied the move was a political gesture .
Their acceptance of Lydia is total and is signified by a gesture of affection from his mother.
Labor’s intention to retain the regional council structures and consult Indigenous people over the replacement body is a gesture .
Maggie was touched by the kind gesture
Alex made a gesture of apology
As they approached the lower window, Tracy made a gesture to Erin to move to the side away from the window.
Throwing the amp in the canal could be a symbolic gesture , representing the idea that I was getting rid of all the stuff I didn’t really need anymore.



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