Terjemahan dari facade
muka bangunan
vision, sight, eyesight, view, facade, perception
view, scenery, sight, landscape, scene, facade
depan rumah
bagian luar
outside, exterior, facade, face
bagian muka dr suatu gedung
facade, face
tedeng aling-aling
Definisi facade
the face of a building, especially the principal front that looks onto a street or open space.
There will also be a substantial increase in office space and the front facade of the building is to undergo a total makeover.
sinonim: front, frontage, face, elevation, exterior, outside
  • front, frontage, face, elevation, exterior, outside
  • show, front, appearance, pretense, simulation, affectation, semblance, illusion, act,masquerade, charade, mask, cloak, veil, veneer
  • frontal, frontage
  • window dressing
Lebih sedikit sinonim
They hide behind some facade of respectability but I rest in absolute confidence that their time is next!
There is a painful contradiction between what is in my head and the facade I adopt for the public, my friends and family.
Looking beyond the facade of confidence, he is able to reveal the loneliness and longings in their lives.
the house has a half-timbered facade
The building was stripped down to its bones and the facade onto New Bond Street restored.
It’s the Tokyo Dome, in the capital of a country known for its public facade of reserve and gentility.
her flawless public facade masked private despair
But even the powerful Hollywood studios couldn’t maintain the flawless facade forever.
her flawless public facade masked private despair
Camille smiled at the small boy shyness that had replaced the confident facade .
If people know that you care bout them and that it’s not fake or a facade , then you have more chance of getting things done.
Once you realise the closeness of the overlap between the two organisations, the facade appears paper thin.
In a unified facade , a good fake can be the best solution, which is possibly the solution for part of South Bridge.
Twin arched picture windows bisect the front facade and an outside staircase leads to the first floor.
There will also be a substantial increase in office space and the front facade of the building is to undergo a total makeover.
The east facade of the building reflects the abstract modernism of the Marina District.
But behind his flawless English facade is a Celtic streak which has fuelled his career.
Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, baroque, and rococo facades combine to create majestic results.
However, in practical terms the private and public spheres are habitually not detached and the outward signs of statehood are often facades hiding the real workings of the system.
The design of the building facades illustrates the approach we took toward construction cost control.
The neighborhoods built during colonial times have narrow streets with continuous building facades that converge on central plazas.
Little post-construction data is available to demonstrate how well double-skin facades work in conserving energy.
Many of these businesses were simply older buildings updated with stucco facades and other Spanish flourishes.
He said though living as a Christian at home was crucial, it could be challenging, even harder than in public, where it was easier to put on facades .
The building facades facing the courtyard were to be cleaned and restored; a new glazed roof would cover the courtyard.
Building facades are finished with different materials depending on the degree of exposure to the sun.
Twenty-five years ago glass facades to buildings were regarded as architecturally passé and ecologically irresponsible.
To this day, ceramic tiles are still used to cover and ornament the facades of buildings, as they are both durable and relatively cheap to produce.
He also uplit the upper facades of the building to accentuate the tower’s verticality.
His design retains the north and south brick facades of the old building and inserts the new structure of six main floors and three mezzanines within them.



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